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Alma Mater

Did you know that the words for NFA’s alma mater are the result of a songwriting contest? Ruth E. Bogue, Class of 1916, won $10 for writing the lyrics every student sings throughout their time at Norwich Free Academy.  Originally written to be sung at the football games, it quickly became a Friday morning tradition that continues today. Take a minute to listen to your Alma Mater, performed by NFA’s Ambassadors Ensemble.

‘Til the seas become abated, and the stars forget to shine,
‘Til the clouds obscure the sunlight, and ‘tis darkness all the time,
‘Til the raindrops cease their falling, and the winds forget to blow,
‘Til this gay old world stops whirling, NFA our love shall know.
Hail to all her sturdy heroes, heroes of the track and field.
Ones who meet no end of victory, heroes who would scorn to yield,
With a vim and zeal unequaled, they will fight unto the end,
Each one knowing ‘tis his duty, his school’s honor to defend.
Though in years to come we’re severed, from that home we love so well,
In our hearts the golden memories, or our youth will ever dwell,
So whene’er we see that banner, and we watch its folds unfurl,
We will cheer for Alma Mater – NFA – a priceless pearl! 
Words by Ruth E. Bogue, Class of 1916