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Annual Meeting Minutes - November 4, 2021
NOVEMBER 4, 2021
The minutes of the Norwich Free Academy Board of Trustees annual meeting held on Thursday, November 4, 2021, in the Slater Auditorium at 5:20 p.m. are as follows:
Present:  Allyn Brown, III; Betsy Conway; Keith Fontaine; DeVol Joyner; Denise Lindell; Todd Postler; William Warzecha; and Sarette Williams
Absent:  Mark Tramontozzi
I.      Chairman Joyner called the Norwich Free Academy Board of Trustees meeting to order at 5:35 p.m.
II.     The Trustees signified the unanimous approval of items one through five of the consent agenda as follows:
1.  Approval of the minutes of November 19, 2020.
2. Approval of slate of candidates for the following corporate board positions:
(a)       Norwich Free Academy Foundation, Inc.
Diana Boisclair                  Maria Miranda
Gary Carignan                 Todd Postler
Thomas Hammond
3.  Authorization of a representative to attend the 2021 Annual Meeting of Norwich Free Academy Foundation, Inc., to make nomination of approved slate of candidates and elect the nominee (Representative “Member”- DeVol Joyner).     
4. Election of Officers:
                  Chairman                                 DeVol Joyner
                  Vice Chairman                      David Kalla
                  Secretary                                Betsy Conway
                  Treasurer                                   Denise Lindell
5.  Election of board members of Norwich Free Academy:
Diana Boisclair                      Maria Miranda
DeVol Joyner                        William Warzecha
Denise Lindell
III.   With no other business, a motion was made by Mr. Postler, seconded by Mr. Warzecha, to adjourn the meeting at approximately 5:40 p.m. 
Respectfully submitted,
Mary E. Vega
Recorder                                                                                                                            Approved:   November 3, 2022