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Approved Minutes - March 15, 2022
Norwich Free Academy
Board of Trustees Meeting
Tuesday, March 15, 2022, 5:30 p.m.
Norwich Free Academy
Latham Building, Board Room (#1101)
305 Broadway, Norwich, CT  06360
TRUSTEES PRESENT:   Diana Boisclair; Allyn Brown, III; Betsy Conway; Keith Fontaine; DeVol Joyner;
David Kalla; Denise Lindell; Maria Miranda; Todd Postler; Mark Tramontozzi; and William Warzecha;
ABSENT:  Chris Jewell
ADMINISTRATION PRESENT:    Head of School Brian M. Kelly, Ed.D.; Director of Operations, Kristin Peckrul; Director of Finance/Human Resources, Rich Freeman; Director of Diversity, Leo Butler; Director of Communications, Mike O’Farrell; and Recorder Mary Vega
1.  Call to Order—Chairman DeVol Joyner called the meeting to order at 5:34 p.m. 
2.  Secretary’s Report
            a. Approval of Minutes:   February 15, 2022, Regular Meeting; February 24, 2022 Special Meeting
Motion by T. Postler, seconded by M. Tramontozzi, to approve the minutes. 
Vote:  10 in favor / 1 Abstention   Motion Passed
3.  Consent Agenda – None
4.   Information & Planning    
            a.  Spotlight – Ross Blinderman; Haitian Club
B. Kelly recognized 5 students for this month’s spotlight.  He first introduced Ross Blinderman, Senior Class President, and recognized him for being an example for NFA stating that Ross embodies what we strive for in a graduate.  He thanked him for his leadership and congratulated him on the many positive accomplishments he’s had, including:  organizing a sickle-cell blood drive and being a History Day state-level award winner, just to name a couple.  B. Kelly then introduced the following 4 Haitian Club representatives:  Ashley Pierre, Fabiola Nelson, Amber Desormeau, and Ceidy Desormeau.  He thanked them for the work they have done for Haiti and for our community. He briefly spoke about the recent Haitian Backpack Drive that the Club held in order to collect supplies for students in Haiti due to the devastation Haiti has suffered from recent and prior earthquakes.  The Haitian Club and the Diocese of Norwich teamed up to coordinate efforts. Each of the students introduced themselves and also provided more detail about the coordination and success of the backpack drive.  D. Joyner, on behalf of the Board, congratulated the 5 students for all their achievements and stated he was proud of everyone and to keep doing the good work they are doing for NFA.  B. Kelly also made a point to recognize Mr. Leo Butler for his support of our students, especially with tonight’s recognitions.
b.  Reports and Updates
                        1.  Superintendent’s Report
B. Kelly provided an overview of the following:
                                    a.  Professional Learning Goals
b.  Portrait of a Graduate
c.  Reports and Updates
                        1.  Finance
                                    a.  Monthly Finance Report
R. Freeman provided a financial report for the period ending February 28, 2022.  He also briefed the Trustees on other financial matters
5.  General Agenda Items – None 
6.  Communications/Discussion - None
7.  Other Business – None
8.  Executive Session - None
9.  Adjournment         
            Motion by D. Kalla, seconded by T. Postler, to adjourn the meeting at 6:33 p.m.
             Vote:  All in favor.    Motion passed unanimously
Respectfully submitted,
Mary E. Vega
Recording Secretary                                                                                  
Approved:  April 17, 2022