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DRAFT Minutes - Annual Corporators Meeting - November 3, 2022
NOVEMBER 3, 2022
Corporators present: Jeffrey Blinderman, Dee Boisclair, Steven Bokoff, Allyn Brown, Glenn Carberry, David Doyle, Neusa Fernandes, Nicholas Fortson, Keith Fontaine, Chris Gauthier, Lee-Ann Gomes, Thomas Griffin, Sandra Grillo, Bryan Hayes, Sheila Hayes, Chris Jewell, DeVol Joyner, David Kalla, Denise Lindell, Thomas Marien, Regan Miner, Maria Miranda, Angel Moran, Richard Morelli, Ted Phillips, Todd Postler, Michael Rauh, Robert Reed, Cheryl Ritacco, Dina Sears-Graves, Scott Seder, Jane Shea, James Sullivan, John Sweeney, William Sweeney, Daniel Tracy, Mark Tramontozzi, Bill Warzecha, Sarette Williams, David Whitehead and Mark Woods
Also present: Corporator Candidates:  Becki Jacobson, Dan King, Kimberly Pegram and Sydney Phelps
NFA Leadership:  Head of School Brian M. Kelly, Ed.D., Executive Director of Institutional Advancement Kathy McCarthy; Director of Communications Michael O’Farrell; Director of Finance and Human Resources Rich Freeman; Director of Diversity, Leo Butler; Director of Student Services, Mykel Bridget Czaja and Director of Slater Memorial Musuem Dayne Rugh  
Chair DeVol Joyner called the meeting to order at 4:40 p.m. after welcoming all Corporators,
Mr. Joyner read the Motion of 1975.
1.      a.  Motion by Mr. Postler, seconded by Mr. J. Sweeney, to approve the minutes of the November 4, 2021, Annual Meeting of the Corporators.  Motion carried.
2.      a.  Corporators to elect new corporators:
Chair Joyner presented the following new corporator candidates:
Becki Jacobson
Dan King
Kim Pegram
Sydney Phelps
b.  Corporators whose terms are up for renewal to serve another three years:          
John Bilda
Allyn L. Brown, III
Nicholas Caplanson
James Chadic
Thomas DiStasio
Neusa Fernandes
Keith Fontaine
Chris Gauthier
Lee-Ann Gomes
DeVol Joyner
Denise Lindell
Carl Mailhot
Thomas Marien
Angel Moran
Theodore Phillips, II
Scott Seder
Daniel Tracy
Mark Woods
Ross Winakor
c.  Corporators to elect and renew Trustees of Norwich Free Academy:
Allyn L. Brown, III
Chris Jewell
Todd Postler
Motion by Dr. Kalla, seconded by Mr. Postler, to add new Corporators, to renew terms of existing Corporators and to elect and renew Trustees of Norwich Free Academy.    Motion carried.
3.      Corporation Reports:
a.   The Corporators received reports from the following:
1.      Head of School Report—Brian M. Kelly, Ed.D.
Dr. Kelly welcomed everyone and thanked the Corporators, the Board of Trustees and the Foundation for their partnership, generosity and most importantly, their unwavering support and commitment to NFA.  He also thanked his Administrative team for all they have done and continue to do in support of NFA, especially during these challenging times.  He read the mission statement and then went on to brief the Corporators on the following key topics:
·       State of the School
·       Theory of Action
·       Guiding Principles
·       Portrait of the Graduate
·       NEASC ACE Learning Protocol
·       NFA’s Most Important Asset – Dr. Kelly spoke about and introduced 4 students who individually addressed the Corporators with brief speeches on what NFA means to them.
2.      Norwich Free Academy—D. Joyner
Mr. Joyner thanked the Corporators, fellow Board Members and Head of School Dr. Kelly for the support shown during his service as Chair.  He then reflected on not only the challenges NFA has faced but on the positive accomplishments as well.  He stated that NFA continues to succeed because of its independence, diversity and vision.  He also said that he has appreciated everyone’s hard work, often times behind the scenes, and commitment to ensure that NFA continues to be the high school of choice.
At this point Mr. Joyner requested the Media to please excuse themselves for Items 3 & 4.
3.      Norwich Free Academy Foundation—T. Postler
Mr. Postler reported on the activity of the Foundation during 2021-22.  The Foundation’s objective is to support an independently governed, privately endowed NFA.
Mr. Postler thanked Head of School Brian Kelly, Chairman of the Board DeVol Joyner, Director of Institutional Advancement Kathy McCarthy and her team, Foundation Board of Directors and those who volunteered their services to the Foundation for their support and patience throughout his service as President of the Foundation. 
4.      Investment Report—M. Woods
Mr. Woods addressed the specifics of the Foundation’s endowment and investments for 2021-22.
Mr. Joyner welcomed the media back for the remainder of the meeting.
5.         Other Business
With there being no other business, Mr. Joyner recognized those Corporators reaching the status of Honorary:  Thomas Griffin and Richard Morelli.  He further stated that to signify a Corporator attaining the status of Honorary Corporator as well as years of service, it is a tradition at NFA to present those individuals with an engraved pewter plate.  He then presented the pewter plates to Mr. Griffin and Mr. Morelli.
7.     Adjournment
Motion by Ms. Hayes, seconded by Dr. Kalla, to adjourn the meeting at 5:45 p.m.  Motion carried.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary E. Vega
Recorder                                                                                                                      Approved: