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NFA's Portrait of a Graduate
Our Portrait of a Graduate is a promise. It’s what we strive for – representing our vision and ensuring students will graduate from Norwich Free Academy with skills to help them create a path of continual progress. 
To create this vision, we sought input from students, faculty, staff, families and community leaders. This approach brought forward ideas focused on ensuring our students graduate with the skills necessary to achieve post-secondary success. Our Portrait of a Graduate guides instruction and demands that each NFA student has equitable access to programs that will help them graduate and be ready to make their mark on the world.
NFA's Portrait of a Graduate, Compassionate Leaders

Compassionate Leaders

Wildcats lead, inspire and empower others through effective communication and, when necessary, conflict resolution. They collaborate with honest discussion and actions while owning all outcomes focused on the greater good.

NFA's Portrait of a Graduate, Responsible Citizens

Responsible Citizens

Wildcats are respectful of differences and value the opinions of others. They are socially and emotionally engaged members of our community who demonstrate empathy toward others, take an active role in their own experience and embrace the differences of those around them.

NFA's Portrait of a Graduate, Critical Thinkers

Critical Thinkers

Wildcats are guided by rationalization, analysis and open-mindedness. They reach decision points by being quizzical, disciplined and informed by evidence, even if it's contrary to what they believe. 

NFA's Portrait of a Graduate, Creative Problem Solvers

Resilient Risk Takers

Wildcats have a growth mindset and are guided by perseverance and the ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment. They continue to utilize sound judgment to make steadfast, informed decisions.

NFA's Portrait of a Graduate, Resilient Risk Takers

Creative Problem Solvers

Wildcats combine original thought with collaborative techniques to create new, meaningful interpretations and reflect on solutions. They are self directed, ethical and adaptable to change and challenges while embracing new technology.