2019-20 Operating Budget


In a public meeting, January 29, 2019, the Board of Trustees approved 2019-20 budget that increases by 1.84%, but raises tuition to our Partners by 1.75%. The plan maintains NFA’s robust program of opportunity and choice for all students.

Independence and the philanthropy of our donors make this possible.

Norwich Free Academy was built on a commitment to independence. Our founders saw that, when free from politics and conflict of interest, their school could focus on developing students into productive, contributing members of their communities.

The link between independence and opportunity is simple.

NFA’s independence cannot exist without donor philanthropy, and philanthropy thrives with independence. Both empower one another. Without either, NFA’s unparalleled opportunity and choice would not be possible.

The support of our donors through the NFA Foundation touches every student in every classroom.

Today, 165 years of independence enables NFA to meet student needs in ways that are innovative and affordable. It allows for a breadth of opportunities that sets the Academy apart at an affordable cost.

Support from the NFA Foundation, Inc., subsidizes tuition for every student in every NFA Partner District. This year, $1.5 million from the NFA Foundation, Inc. maintains NFA’s high-quality program from which thousands of alumni have benefited and which is integral to the economic and intellectual growth of the city, the region, and the country.

We are here as leaders for a short period of time. I think we should leave NFA in a better place than we found it so that we can hand it to the next generation, stronger, better. That is our role.

Lesley Mitchell Jones ‘66 Corporator