Mission Statement

Since 1856, Norwich Free Academy has adhered to the philosophy of its founder to “return to our hamlets and our homes its priceless freight of youthful minds, enriched by learning, developed by a liberal culture, refined by study of all that is beautiful in nature and art, and prepared for the highest usefulness and the purest happiness.”
~Founder, John P. Gulliver, NFA Dedication Ceremony (1856)

Sustaining The Vision

Norwich Free Academy continues to sustain the founder’s vision to see every student succeed. NFA is committed to providing a safe, nurturing and rigorous academic environment in which all students gain the knowledge and develop the skills to become resourceful members of their local, national, and world communities.

Since 1856 the Academy educated students by:

  • Enriching their minds with knowledge
  • Developing possibilities to fulfill their potential
  • Refining their pathways through collaboration
  • Preparing them to meet the challenges of the future
  • Supporting them as they pursue their goals and dreams

Incorporated in 1854, Norwich Free Academy has always operated as a privately endowed secondary school governed by its appointed board of trustees. The campus-like atmosphere, with its unique architectural spaces, accommodates the community and helps develop creativity and exploration for students. Our independent status safeguards traditions and fosters innovative responses to the needs of our students. Our rich history, distinctive traditions and independence encourage generous financial support and active participation from trustees and alumni. Our large, culturally diverse population supports rich, broad course offerings, outstanding athletic programs and numerous clubs and activities -- all designed to develop the intellect, engage and employ the interest and instill a passion for learning. Our students become productive and responsible adults. Norwich Free Academy draws strength from independence and balances commitment to excellence with care for each student.