POLICY #6141.321
The Norwich Free Academy believes that the use of the Internet and other local and/or wide area networks will further education by promoting the exchange of information and ideas and by providing intra- and inter-district, statewide, national, and global opportunities for faculty, staff, and students.
Since the Internet constitutes an unregulated collection of educational resources which change constantly, it is not possible to predict or control exactly what resources users may locate. The Norwich Free Academy makes no guarantees of the accuracy of the information or the appropriateness of materials which a student may encounter. Students will be under faculty/staff supervision; however, it is not possible to constantly monitor individual students and what they are accessing or creating. Students and other users will refrain from intentionally accessing and downloading or creating any text, picture, or on-line conferencing that includes material which is considered to be obscene, libelous, indecent, vulgar, profane, or lewd; advertises any product or services to minors prohibited by law; presents a clear and present danger; or will cause the commission of unlawful acts or the violation of lawful school regulations. Users will not solicit or receive any information or service which could result in unauthorized expense to The Norwich Free Academy. The Norwich Free Academy uses electronic access filtering or security software to help monitor and prevent inappropriate use of the school’s computer network system.
Users should be courteous and polite. Messages will be concise and not abusive in content or language. Personal information should not be revealed. Users must be aware that any message or information posted on the Internet may be accessed by others for whom it is not intended. E-mail and downloaded material should be deleted on a regularly scheduled basis.
Users of the services should respect all copyright and license agreements. Copyrighted software, pictures, video, or music should not be downloaded for use which violates copyright laws.
Faculty and staff of The Norwich Free Academy will be provided with professional development opportunities which addresses the issue of appropriate use of the school network, the Internet, Internet etiquette, and other network systems. Students will be provided with guidelines for appropriate use of the Internet and other network systems.
Violation of this policy will result in forfeiture of all user privileges. Violators shall also be subject to appropriate disciplinary and/or legal action. Pending investigation into a student, staff, or faculty complaint of inappropriate use of the networks, user privileges may be suspended. User privileges may also be suspended at any time when deemed necessary in the sole discretion of the administration.
The computer systems, E-mail systems, voice mail systems, and any similar systems are the sole property of The Norwich Free Academy and are provided for the purpose of carrying out the educational and operational concerns of the school. The Norwich Free Academy
reserves the right to bypass individual student and employee passwords at any time, and to monitor the use of such systems by students and employees.
The Norwich Free Academy shall not be liable for users’ inappropriate use of electronic communication resources or violations of copyright restrictions, users’ mistakes or negligence, or costs incurred by users. The Norwich Free Academy shall not be responsible for ensuring the accuracy or usability of any information found on the Internet. The Norwich Free Academy reserves the right to modify or eliminate access to the Internet and other local and/or wide area networks.
See Also:                      The Norwich Free Academy, Guidelines for Internet and Network Use
Employee Use of Electronic Mail (4218.4) Workplace Monitoring (4118.4)
Web Site Publication (6141.322) Policy Adopted:      March 28, 2000
Policy Revised:             May 22, 2007
  • #6141.321