POLICY #4131
The Norwich Free Academy encourages its teachers and administrators to broaden and deepen their knowledge, their understanding of the teaching-learning process, their understanding of students, and their perception of themselves and their colleagues as worthy and effective professionals. To this end, The Norwich Free Academy Board of Trustees is committed to the support of a planned, ongoing, and systematic professional development program designed to maintain, enrich and/or improve the skills, knowledge and abilities needed by educational personnel to meet their professional responsibilities. The ultimate goal of the professional development program is to improve student learning.
In order to assist district educators to maintain, enrich and/or improve their effectiveness with students, the Board of Trustees will, to the extent possible, support a planned professional development program for all certified staff by providing funds and making time available for planning and implementing the program. In addition, the Superintendent/Head of School is directed to appoint a district coordinator for professional development and to establish a steering committee composed of representatives from the Board of Trustees, the administration, teachers and other appropriate staff. The Superintendent/Head of School is also directed to report annually to the Board of Trustees on the professional development program and its effect with recommendations for changes as needed.
This commitment to professional development on the part of the school district is a commitment to the affirmation of learning as a lifelong process which contributes to the well being of the individual, the local school district, and the society.
Legal Reference:          10-27     Exchange of professional personnel and students 10-220a In-service training
10-226g Inter-group relations training for teachers 10-145b Teaching Certificates
Policy Adopted:           March 17, 1992
Policy Revised:             April 21, 2009
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