POLICY #4218.4
Electronic mail (E-mail) is provided to an employee for the purpose of conducting the business of The Norwich Free Academy. The Norwich Free Academy encourages the use of E- mail services to share information, to improve communication, and to exchange ideas. E- mail systems provided by the school are the sole property of The Norwich Free Academy.
Confidentiality cannot be ensured. Users, therefore, should exercise extreme caution in using E-mail to communicate confidential or sensitive matters.
E-mail should be read only by the person to whom it is addressed and is not to be read by any other employee without the addressee’s permission, including those with sufficient computer privileges to do so. However, users should be aware that on occasion, network and computer operations personnel and system administrators may, during the performance of their duties, see the contents of E-mail messages. The administration reserves the right to periodically monitor employees’ use of any electronic system.
All employees are expected to conduct themselves with the same integrity and personal demeanor in electronic communications as in face-to-face dealings with one another.
Any use perceived to be illegal, harassing, offensive, or in violation of other policies, could be the basis for disciplinary action including restriction of access to the system, up to and including termination of employment. Inappropriate practices include, but are not limited to:
•       abuse of computer resources
•       any deliberate attempt to disrupt computer resources
•       any attempt to break into computer resources at The Norwich Free Academy or other sites
•       extreme network etiquette violations including mail that degrades, demeans, or harasses other individuals
•       sharing of one’s E-mail account or access password
•       use of E-mail for commercial or private business purposes
•       personal, non-work related use of computer systems
Legal Reference:          Connecticut General Statutes The Freedom of Information Act
See Also:                      Acceptable Use of the Internet and Computer Networks 6141.321
Workplace Monitoring 4118.4
Web Site Publication 6141.322
Policy Adopted:           March 28, 2000
Policy Revised:             April 21, 2009
  • #4218.4