POLICY #3280
Only the Board of Trustees can accept on behalf of and for the Norwich Free Academy any grant for a purpose deemed by the Board of Trustees to be suitable.
Any grant awarded to the Norwich Free Academy must be accompanied by documentation from the grantor identifying the subject and purpose of the grant and any restrictions that may apply for official action and acceptance by the Board of Trustees. Donor confidentiality, if requested, may only be provided to the degree allowable by law.
To be accepted, a grant must satisfy the following criteria:
1.  Have a purpose consistent with those of the Norwich Free Academy.
2.  Be offered by a grantor acceptable to the Board of Trustees.
3.  Acceptance of a grant by the Board of Trustees does not imply that upon completion of the grant time line that the Board of Trustees be obligated to continue the program supported by the grant.
4.  Would not bring undesirable or hidden costs to the Norwich Free Academy.
5.  Will place no unacceptable restrictions on other school    programs.
6.  Will not be inappropriate or harmful to the best education of students.
7.  Will not be in conflict with any provision of the school code or public law.
8.  Will not imply endorsement of any business or product.
If any grant is rejected by the Board of Trustees, the Superintendent/Head of School shall communicate to the grantor with a statement indicating the reason for rejection of such grant. Any grant proceeds shall become the property of the Board of Trustees.
Legal References:         Connecticut General Statutes
7-194 Powers
Policy Adopted:           March 9, 1994
Revised:                       May 22, 2007
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