POLICY #6154
The Norwich Free Academy recognizes homework as an integral part of the learning process, and a vital component of class work. Further, the Norwich Free Academy recognizes that satisfactory completion of homework assignments is positively associated with student learning and is an important factor in student achievement. Additionally, the Academy believes that quiet, reflective time outside of the classroom, ideally coupled with parental involvement at home, can help all students reach their full potential.
The intent of this policy is to ensure, through administrative guidelines, that all classrooms will serve as primary instructional centers where faculty will use allotted class times to the fullest to achieve curriculum objectives and goals.
Teachers will develop, in conjunction with their Heads of Department and the administration, homework guidelines specific to their curriculum. It is the responsibility of the teachers to inform their students of these expectations.
Legal Reference           Connecticut General Statutes 10-221(b). Boards of Education to prescribe rules, policies and procedures.
Policy Adopted:           August 11, 1993
Policy Revised:             May 22, 2007
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