POLICY #6163.1
The purpose of the Edwin H. Land Library is to support and enrich the curricula of The Norwich Free Academy by providing access to diverse resources in a variety of formats that are stimulating, interesting, and informative, with breadth and depth of content, and varied in perspective on issues, and to provide instruction which fosters competence in the effective use of these materials. Additionally, the Edwin H. Land Library provides informational and recreational materials for the students and staff of the Academy and its sending town communities.
Library Management and Use Guidelines
The school shall develop guidelines for the management and use of the Edwin H. Land Library that are consistent with the mission of The Norwich Free Academy.
Acquisition and Management of Library Materials
The library collection is acquired and managed to support the curricula of the Academy and the informational and recreational needs of its patrons. The Board of Trustees, acting through the Superintendent/Head of School or designee, delegates the authority for the selection and maintenance of library materials to the Library Media Director. Library materials shall be selected by professional personnel following the guidelines for management and use of the library.
The Norwich Free Academy, concordant with State statutes, recognizes the right to privacy of library users. However, the Superintendent/Head of School or designee may request specific circulation record information in those situations where it is needed to protect the health and safety of an individual patron or campus safety, or whenever otherwise permitted by law.
Access to Resources
The Norwich Free Academy affirms the principles of intellectual freedom and the importance of access to a broad range of ideas in the education of young people. However, in the interest of providing a safe and orderly school environment, the administration reserves the right to limit or deny access to library resources if they are inconsistent with the mission of The Norwich Free Academy and/or violate a publicized policy, and/or are seriously disruptive of the educational process, and/or endanger persons or property. Any misuse of library resources may result in forfeiture of all library privileges. Violators may also be subject to appropriate disciplinary and/or legal action. Pending investigation into a student, staff, or faculty complaint of the misuse of library resources, user privileges may be suspended.
Complaint Procedure
Persons objecting to specific material in the library collection are encouraged to discuss their concerns with the Library Media Director or designee. A formal request to remove an item or to reevaluate its use must be made in writing as outlined in the guidelines for management and use of the library.
See Also:                      Guidelines for Management and Use of The Edwin H. Land Library The Pilot, The Norwich Free Academy Student Handbook
Supersedes/Amends: Selection of School Library Material Policy (6163.1) Policy Adopted:  September 8, 1993
Policy Revised:             November 27, 2001
April 22, 2008
  • #6163.1