POLICY #3524.1
The intent of this policy is to ensure that students, parents/guardians, and employees receive adequate notice, in conformity with applicable statutes, prior to pesticide application within the school buildings and on the campus of The Norwich Free Academy. Further, effective July 1, 2000, The Norwich Free Academy will only employ certified pesticide applicators for any non-emergency pesticide use in the school buildings or on the campus of The Norwich Free Academy.
The Norwich Free Academy shall:
•  Provide notice of planned pesticide application to students, parents/guardians, and employees in the manner required by law.
•   Post the areas scheduled to receive pesticide application(s).
•   Maintain written records of each pesticide application for five years.
•   Provide continuing instruction to those students who, based upon written medical request, find it necessary to absent themselves during the period of application.
•  Inform annually parents/guardians and staff of The Norwich Free Academy’s pesticide application/management policy.
•  Establish a registry of parents/guardians and staff who want to receive advance notice of all pesticide use and provide such notice as required by law.
Pest control applicators employed by The Norwich Free Academy shall provide the school’s facilities manager with written notice at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to the date and time the pesticide application is to occur. This notice shall include the brand name, concentration, rate of application, pesticide label, material safety data sheet, list of the area(s) where the pesticide is to be applied, the date and time the application is to occur, any restrictions required by the pesticide label, and the name and address of the applicator.
No application of any pesticide may be made in any building or on the grounds of any school during regular school hours or during planned activities at any school except that an emergency application may be made to eliminate an immediate threat to human health if (1) it is necessary to make the application during such a period, and (2) such emergency application does not involve a restricted use pesticide, as defined in Connecticut General Statutes section 22a-47.
In case of pesticide applications performed for or by public health agencies or emergency applications because of immediate threat to the public health, the licensed applicator shall give the school’s facilities manager oral and, if possible, written notice, with posting of the area(s) to be treated.
The Superintendent/Head of School or designee may require the pest control applicator to make the required postings in accordance with all applicable statutes and with The Norwich Free Academy’s policy.
Pesticide purchases shall be limited to amounts authorized by the Superintendent/Head of School or designee for use during the year. Pesticides shall be stored in a secure site not accessible to students or unauthorized staff. They shall be stored and disposed of in accordance with EPA registered label directions and applicable state statutes.
Legal Reference:          PA 99-165. An Act Concerning Notice of Pesticide Applications at School and at Day Care Centers.
Policy Adopted:           January 16, 2001
Policy Revised:             May 22, 2007
  • #3524.1