POLICY #4117.3
Whenever a teaching position in a particular department or specialized area is eliminated, the determination of the teacher to be separated will be based on:
1.  seniority, except as non-tenured;
2.  teaching performance;
3.  area of certification; and
4.  professional training and education.
Teachers laid off shall remain on a recall list until September 1 in the calendar year following their layoff. Teachers shall be removed from the recall list if offered reappointment to any position for which they are certified involving .5 time or more.
Any teacher on the reappointment list shall be sent, through certified mail, a written offer of employment at least fifteen (15) days prior to the date of reappointment. Said teacher shall accept or reject the appointment in writing within ten (10) days of receipt of the offer.
As this policy is based wholly on the Agreement Between the Trustees of The Norwich Free Academy and the Education Association of The Norwich Free Academy, any changes in this portion of the contract shall also be reflected in this policy without action by the Board of Trustees of NFA.
Legal References:         Connecticut General Statutes
10-151 Employment of teachers. Notice and hearings on termination of contract.
Policy Adopted:           January 27, 1994
Revised:                       May 22, 2007
  • #4117.3