POLICY #6141.322
The Board of Trustees authorizes The Norwich Free Academy to create and maintain a World Wide Web site for purposes consistent with the mission and goals of the school. Web sites are avenues for educating, providing information, and communicating. The Norwich Free Academy web site shall be used to share information about school curriculum and instruction, school services, school-sponsored activities, and other information related to our mission.
Materials displayed on web sites are published on the Internet. Therefore, the content should be of professional quality and consistent with the mission of the school. Web sites shall follow standards for ethical behavior by showing respect for the principles of intellectual freedom, intellectual property rights, and the responsible use of information and technology. Pages shall reflect an understanding that both internal and external audiences may view the information contained therein. All content must also comply with all Board policies.
The Superintendent/Head of School or designee shall appoint a Webmaster. The Webmaster is the person responsible for the content and publication of the school’s World Wide Web. The Webmaster shall review all material for publication with consideration given to web page publishing guidelines, copyright issues, Board policies, and privacy issues prior to such publication.
Final authority for the school’s World Wide Web site is the responsibility of the Director of Curriculum and Instruction and/or the Director of Student Affairs.
The school shall develop guidelines to be used in the publication and operation of The Norwich Free Academy World Wide Web Site.
See Also:                      The Norwich Free Academy, Web Page Publishing Guidelines Acceptable Use of the Internet and Computer Systems 6141.321 Employee Use of Electronic Mail 4218.4
Workplace Monitoring 4118.4
Policy Adopted:           May 15, 2001
Policy Revised:             April 22, 2008
  • #6141.322