POLICY #6000
The Norwich Free Academy believes there is a common integrated and interdependent set of learning outcomes which is essential to the development of all students. These essential outcomes represent a preparation for life which involves not only preparation for employment and further education but also the acquisition of those characteristics necessary to become a productive and contributing member of society. Consequently, as a result of a K-12 educational experience culminating at The Norwich Free Academy, each student must acquire the attributes, attitudes, skills, competencies, understandings and applications as outlined in Connecticut's Common Core of Learning.
In pursuit of the right to an education, the Academy further believes that all people can learn. Each individual entrusted to our care must ultimately become a lifelong learner and a contributing member of a global society. The Academy is committed to providing the resources to support its high expectations for academic, social and personal achievement to ensure that all people learn.
Policy Adopted:           December 8, 1993
Policy Revised:             May 22, 2007
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