POLICY #5145.4
The trustees, administration, and faculty of The Norwich Free Academy recognize that, from time to time, students may wish to lawfully and peacefully demonstrate or protest. Ample opportunity exists for lawful and peaceful protest or demonstration without disrupting school activities or causing damage or litter to property. Students who participate in walk-outs, sit-ins, strikes, or other unauthorized group actions or demonstrations which disrupt school activities or which damage or litter school property (or non-school property at or in conjunction with a school sponsored activity) shall be deemed to have engaged in conduct which endangers persons or property, is seriously disruptive of the educational process and/or in violation of school policy. Such persons shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, which may include suspension and expulsion, and may be required to make financial restitution for any damage or clean-up costs caused. Students may also be subject to arrest in addition to school imposed disciplinary consequences.
School officials have the prerogative to end unauthorized group actions without student penalty where, in their judgment, the circumstances warrant.
Students and student groups with concerns about educational or social issues should use existing established channels of communication, including student government, class officers, scheduled class meetings, and meetings with the school administration without disrupting classes, disturbing the orderly school and campus environment, or otherwise interfering with the school program. Student groups are encouraged to approach elected student leaders, school counselors, and school administrators whenever they have ideas about holding programs on pressing social issues consistent with constitutional values and orderly democratic process.
See Also:                                  Administrative Procedure(s) none
Legal Reference:                      Connecticut General Statutes 10-233a through 10-233f
Supersedes/Amends Policy:     none
Policy Adopted:                       May 20, 1997
Policy Revised:                         April 22, 2009
  • #5145.4