POLICY #5131.6
Statement of Philosophy:
Through the use of a comprehensive curriculum, classroom activities, community support and resources, a strong and consistent administrative and faculty effort, and rehabilitative and disciplinary procedures, the administration and staff of The Norwich Free Academy, in cooperation with the students' parents/guardians, will work to educate, prevent, and intervene in the abuse of all drug, alcohol, and mood altering substances by the entire student population in accordance with state law.
As an extension of this policy, the rules, regulations, and guidelines shall be used by all school district personnel when responding to drug, mood altering substance, and alcohol related situations.
Drugs and Alcohol:
The Board of Trustees prohibits student's possession, use, and/or distribution of any drug, alcohol, drug paraphernalia, tobacco product or a student being under the influence of any drug or alcohol on or off school grounds. This prohibition includes any activities sponsored by a school on or off school premises. Any student found to be violating this student conduct policy will be dealt with in accordance with the regulations set by the school system in the student code of conduct.  The consequences of such violations may ultimately result in the expulsion from school and/or criminal prosecution.
Recognizing the potential of each student and that drug and alcohol abuse and dependency can seriously impair a student's ability to learn, it is the policy of the schools to take positive actions to prevent drug and alcohol abuse. These actions may include education, school intervention, parental involvement, medical/assessment, referral, and police referral in the handling of incidents in the schools involving the possession, sale, and/or use of behavior- affecting substances. These substances shall include but not be limited to marijuana, tobacco, LSD, inhalants (which have behavior affecting ingredients), alcohol, and barbiturates and other controlled substances.
School properties may be inspected by school authorities in the interest of maintenance, health and safety. Inspections for the location of drugs, narcotics, liquor, weapons, poisons and missing properties are matters relating to health and safety and may be regarded as reasonable purposes for inspection by school personnel.
Disciplinary procedures will be administered with the best interests of the student, school population and community in mind. Personal privacy rights of students shall be protected as provided by law.
Smoking is prohibited by law in the school building while classes are in session or student activities are occurring and on school buses. As of September 1, 1991, NFA will be a "smoke free" campus, smoking or the possession of any tobacco product at any time is prohibited.
Prescription medications are to be construed as exceptions to this policy when used by the individual for whom they are prescribed in the manner and amount prescribed.
Prescriptions are generally to be kept and administered through the school medical facility.
Legal Reference:          Connecticut General Statutes
19a-342Smoking prohibited in certain places
21a-242 Schedules of controlled          substances 10-221(d) Board of Trustees to prescribe rules
53-198 Smoking on motor buses, railroad cars and school buses Policy Adopted:     December 10, 1991
Policy Revised:             May 22, 2007
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