POLICY #5141.5
The Norwich Free Academy (NFA) recognizes that suicide has become a primary concern facing our country and, consequently, is a concern to this school and the community it serves. NFA recognizes that suicide is a complex issue. NFA may recognize potentially suicidal youth and staff can conduct a crisis assessment to evaluate immediate level of risk; however, it cannot make clinical assessments of on-going risk and provide in-depth counseling. NFA staff must refer the youth who may be at risk of attempting suicide to an appropriate place for such clinical assessment and counseling if it is deemed necessary.
Therefore, any NFA employee who may have knowledge of a suicide threat must take the proper steps to report this information to the house principal or his/her designee who will, in turn, notify the appropriate NFA officials, the student’s family, and appropriate resource services.
NFA must provide Suicide Prevention Education to faculty/staff annually and to students as appropriate.
Legal Reference:                      Connecticut General Statutes
10-221 Boards of education to prescribe rules, policies and procedures. (e) re “policy and procedures for dealing with youth suicide prevention and youth suicide attempts.”
Policy Adopted:                 December 10, 1991
Policy Revised:                   March 28, 2006, September 17, 2019 
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