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Fine Arts

Students interested in continuing their art education after high school at a college or university art department may follow the Fine Arts Program. The Art Department Head and the student’s counselor must approve the program. Beginning the program in either ninth or tenth grade, students take four academic and one art course each year, and, normally, carry three academic and three art courses in both eleventh and twelfth grade. If a student’s schedule permits, the Art Department recommends that Fine Arts students take more art classes. The following sequence of courses is recommended for Fine Arts majors. Students maintain a B average in studio art courses to continue in the program.


Fine Arts students further develop observational drawing skills, enhance knowledge of basic drawing tools and techniques, and explore the conceptual ideas of image making by emphasizing concepts in composition and organization and creation of volumetric space. Students maintain required sketch-books for personal exploration and idea development. Studio fee, Prerequisite: ADR664 (full year – 1 credit) 10, 11 & 12.

UConn equivalent ART1030: Drawing 1 (3 Credits)


Fine Arts students explore three-dimensional design elements and principles through projects of original design. Students use a variety of techniques including carving, casting, construction and modeling and students work in metal, clay, wood, wire, paper, plaster, stone and found objects. Studio fee, Prerequisite: B in one of the following courses: ADR664, ADR601, ADE671, AMJ671, ACY661 or ADE771 (full year – 1 credit) 11 & 12.


Fine Arts students continue to explore various printmaking processes and techniques including but not limited to the basics of serigraphy and silk-screening on fabric. Students refine their design skills and explore multimedia and printmaking as a means of expression. Students maintain required sketchbooks for idea development and visual and verbal responses to artwork. Prerequisite: APT875 & ACP875. Studio fee (full year – 1 credit) 12.


Beginning Fine Arts students learn the basic steps and techniques of drawing from direct observation, explore a variety of tools and materials, and develop confidence in drawing skills to express visual facts. Students maintain required sketchbooks for personal exploration and idea development. Studio fee (full year – 1 credit) 9, 10, 11 & 12.


Students who have a serious interest in the arts will explore drawing, painting and two and three- dimensional design, and a wide variety of media and techniques. Students will begin to develop the foundations that they will continue to build upon in the Fine Arts Program. No art experience required. Studio fee (full year – 1 credit) 9th graders only.


Fine Arts students learn a problem-solving approach to color theory, both practical and historical, and develop observational painting skills to describe form and structure. Students explore current and past artists while developing a variety of design and painting techniques. Studio fee – students purchase all personal painting supplies, Prerequisite: ADR664 (full year – 1 credit) 11 & 12.


Fine Arts students continue to explore color as a means of expressing form and concepts with emphasis on the figure as subject matter. Students study the contributions of painters, past and present, and maintain required sketchbooks for resolving compositions. Studio fee, Prerequisite: B in APT875 (full year – 1 credit) 12.