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Summer Reading

All students are encouraged to read over the summer not only for fun, but as a way to prevent the loss of important reading skills over the extended break.  For every book read over the summer, students are eligible for prizes.

Required Reading for Honors, AP and ECE Courses

Honors, AP, and Eastern (Honors) Public Speaking students are also eligible for prizes if they read books in addition to their required summer reading assignments.

Follow these steps to earn Prizes:

1. Write a short book review (4-5 sentences) and submit via the online Google Form as you finish reading each book.  Book reviews will be accepted through Friday, September 15, 2023 .

2.Come to the Edwin H. Land Library at NFA before Friday, October 20, 2023 to claim your prize.

TOP Readers of Each Class

9th & 10th Grade - In addition to (1) FREE paperback book, the (2) readers in each class (9th & 10th grade) who read the most books (7+) will get either (1) FREE pass to all Football and Basketball home games, OR (2) Homecoming Tickets.

11th & 12th Grade - In addition to (1) FREE paperback book, the (1) reader in each class (11th & 12th grade) who read the most books (7+) will get 1 FREE ticket to the Upper or Senior Prom.

Summer Reading Prizes: 

(2) Extra Books = (1) FREE Slushie at the Cat Shack
(4) Extra Books = (1) FREE Dessert Pass to the Brickview 
(6) Extra Books =  (1) FREE NFA T-Shirt 
ALL Students - are eligible for (1) FREE paperback book if they read and submit book reviews 
for at least 8 books in the summer.

How Do I Know What To Read?