Ninth Grade Experience

A transition into the 4 Year NFA Experience. Ninth graders enter NFA from a variety of different schools, districts, towns, and backgrounds, but all become NFA Wildcats in the Ninth Grade Experience.

The program is personal and supportive. Students spend most of their day in the Cranston House in groups or units of about 100 students with the same 4 core academic teachers (English, mathematics, social studies, and science). Each unit has the support of a school counselor and of elective teachers.

Students take their core classes in Cranston and leave the building only for physical education in the adjacent Alumni and Norton Gymnasiums, for lunch in the cafeteria in the Tirrell Building, and for electives classes.

The unit’s four academic teachers and school counselor meet frequently and regularly to assess each student’s progress, develop strategies, seek specialized help, and communicate with parents.

The Ninth Grade Experience also focuses upon the personal and social development of each student by encouraging all to become involved and make new friends in NFA’s clubs and activities. Teachers take time to teach students “The NFA Way.” From attendance, grading, building a 4 year student success plan, to graduation requirements – ninth graders begin fresh and strong at NFA.

NFA’s Ninth Grade Experience provides the perfect balance of support and independence as students become members of the NFA community and gain a sense of the Wildcat vibe -- an enthusiastic, positive, joyful one.