Ninth Grade Honors Curriculum

High achieving, motivated students seeking academic rigor, scholarly challenge and intellectual challenge have the opportunity to take Honors Courses in the four core academic areas: English, mathematics, science and social studies.

The depth, length, and frequency of assignments is demanding and the pace of instruction is brisk. Honors students demonstrate initiative, creativity, drive and independence; courses will require summer preparation.

Students may take one, two, three or four honors classes depending upon their interests and their qualifications.

To be considered for placement in one or more honors courses, interested students must take NFA’s placement test to demonstrate the critical reading, writing, computing, and reasoning skills to be successful in honors courses in grade 9. The test is administered by NFA faculty at a student’s current school during the school day.

Testing is not required of all entering freshmen. Students who do not wish to be considered for ninth-grade honors courses do not need to take the placement test.

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PLEASE NOTE: NFA course placement is fluid. Teachers and school counselors review student performance continuously and make adjustments so that all students have the opportunity to perform at high levels and maximize their potential. NFA offers opportunities for students to take honors courses in all grade levels.