Why NFA?

NFA students gain the knowledge and develop the skills they need to achieve their dreams. NFA Wildcats become doctors and lawyers, scientists and inventors, world-famous authors, professional athletes, distinguished servicemen, artists and Tony award-winning producers.

NFA students leave the wrought iron gates of campus as people of character, citizenship, and service prepared to contribute to their community.

What are your capabilities, strengths, talents, interests, and passions?

NFA offers you every opportunity to discover the answer…

Norwich Free Academy is about opportunity and choice.

In four words -- NFA Provides opportunitiesprepares lives.

Norwich Free Academy challenges students to ask themselves: "What are my capabilities, strengths, talents, interests, and passions?"

Then...NFA challenges students to discover the answers.

Standing on campus, gazing upon the Slater Museum looming behind the cherry blossoms, students become part of a rich history of alumni who have answered these questions for themselves. For over a century, NFA educators, coaches, and personnel have provided a nurturing, formative environment in which students learn, experience, explore, and grow.

Wildcats leave NFA with an obligation -- a passion, really -- to make their mark on the world. They teach, fight for human rights, raise families, lead their communities, inspire and discover. Wildcats enter all walks of life --politics, business, medicine, law, social and public service, education, and many, many more.

Norwich Free Academy alumni are responsible members of their local, national, and world communities.

Their passion sets them apart.