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Course Registration Instructions

The online course registration window is March 1-17, 2023. You may go back and change your selections if necessary within that timeframe.
Please be sure you are allowing pop-ups in your browser.  Otherwise, the course selection screen will not appear.
  1. Sign into PowerSchool by clicking the icon on your right. Use your NFA Student ID number as username and your NFA password.  You should have received your username and password in the mail.
PowerSchool login screen
2. Select "Class Registration" (indicated by the red arrow in the image below).
PowerSchool course selection screen
Students will be placed in 4 core academic classes (Science, English, Math, Social Studies) based on data and recommendations from the middle school.    Every 9th grade student should carry a total of 6.5 to 7 credits.  Refer to the online course catalog for course descriptions. In addition to your assigned core classes you will need to choose:
  • One Wellness and one alternate Wellness course (.5 credit).

  • Additional STEM, Humanities and/or World Language* courses and one alternate course for each option (2 - 2.5 credits)

* (1) credit in a World Language course is required for graduation from NFA. Students have the option to register for their first World Language course in grade 9. Keep in mind, post secondary colleges and universities often require students to take two to three years of the same language at the high school level.

Scroll down to see all available categories.  Click on the pencil icon (indicated by the magenta box  in the image above) to select courses in the categories you want. Click here for additional course descriptions. 
  1. There may be multiple pages of course selections available to choose from.  Click on the page indicators to move forward or backwards to view all available choices (indicated by the orange rectangle in the image below).
PowerSchool course selection screen
Find the class that you want and click on the left checkbox to select it (indicated by the red rectangle in the above image).  Click the "Okay" button in the lower right-hand corner to confirm your course selection.
4. For each additional Humanities, STEM, Wellness and World Language course selected (indicated in the image below in the red rectangle) an alternate course must be selected (indicated below by the magenta rectangle).
PowerSchool course selection screen
Click on the pencil icon to see the available choices for each alternative course listing.
For example: If Aquarium Science 1 was first choice for an additional course, then a course other than Aquarium Science 1 should be selected as an alternate course.  
Click the Okay button in the lower right-hand corner to confirm your course selection.
5. When all course and alternate selections have been made, the choices will be displayed on the main class registration page (indicated in the image below by the magenta rectangle).
PowerSchool course selection screen
7. You must click the Submit button in PowerSchool (lower right hand corner) in order to complete the course registration process.
8. Once you have clicked the Submit button your course selections will be submitted. You will see a screen similar to this indicating the choices you have made (see image below).
PowerSchool summary page

If you have a question regarding your Student PowerSchool username or password, please contact Maryann Anderson, Cranston House Secretary, 860-425-5770. If you have questions about additional course selections, contact Kelby Chappelle, Student Recruitment Coordinator, 860-425-5603.

To Begin, click here:

PowerSchool login

9th grade course descriptions:

Additional CoursES

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