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Course Registration Instructions

  1. To register freshman course selections, click on the PowerSchool Login, (located on the right-hand side) and use the credentials that you have been provided.

PowerSchool SIS user login screen

  1. Once logged in, click on the 'Forms' menu option, located in the left-hand navigation bar.

PowerSchool SIS forms course selection screen

  1. Under the ‘General Forms’ tab, select ‘Course Requests Incoming Grade 9 SY2024’ link.

PowerSchool SIS Student Reports screen

  1. Once you have accessed the Course Request form, click on each request box to see the available options and make your selection(s).

  2. Please read the course guidelines on the form when filling out the course selections.

NOTE:  Students will be placed in 4 core academic classes (Science, English, Math, Social Studies) based on data and recommendations from the middle school.    Every 9th grade student should carry a total of 6.5 to 7 credits.  Refer to the online course catalog for course descriptions. In addition to your assigned core classes you will need to choose:

  • One Wellness and one alternate Wellness course (.5 credit).

  • Additional STEM, Humanities and/or World Language* courses and one alternate course for each option (2 - 2.5 credits)

* (1) credit in a World Language course is required for graduation from NFA. Students have the option to register for their first World Language course in grade 9. Keep in mind, post secondary colleges and universities often require students to take two to three years of the same language at the high school level.

  1. When all selections have been completed, click on the ‘Submit’ button in the lower right-hand corner of the page.

NOTE:  This form can only be completed and submitted once.  If you need to make adjustments to the request form after it has been submitted, please email Amy Murphy,

PowerSchool SIS course selection screen

  1.  If the form has been submitted correctly, you will receive a ‘Thank You’ confirmation screen.

PowerSchool SIS course selection Thank You confirmation screen

  1. You may then sign out of PowerSchool - browse to the upper right of the PowerSchool screen and select, ‘Sign Out.’

To Begin, click here:

PowerSchool login

9th grade course descriptions:

Additional CoursES