October 2020 Wildcat Student-Athletes of the Month


We have decided to award Athlete of the Month for October to all of the nominees. Each and every student-athlete demonstrated leadership, enthusiasm, effort, and resolve during a very challenging month. Congratulations to all of our student-athletes. Thank you for your dedication to your sport and representing the essence of what it means to be a Wildcat! 

Cheerleading: Kelsie Lapointe 
    Coach Gil states, “Kelsie has always been supportive of all her teammates and this season has worked extra hard with our new team members. She has remained positive and has been a true leader for all of us.”

Boys Cross Country: Ibrahim Hasson
    Coach Sullivan comments, “Ibrahim is an excellent role model and genuinely cares about his team. He has improved from last season to this season and makes every effort to learn about the sport.”

Girls Cross Country: Tessa Hospod
    Coach Kochanski says, “Tessa is dedicated and has served as a captain this season. She makes sure to help with virtual trainings and stays positive.” 

Field Hockey: Dakota Burns
    Coach Houle adds, “Dakota’s encouragement for her teammates and drive to always improve is a huge asset to our team. She is one to always put the needs of the team before her own without hesitation.”

Jazz Pom Dance Team: Kalei Andruskiewicz
    Coach Caldeira states, “Kalei is phenomenal and has proven that this season. She applied for captain and has really stepped up - she bends over backwards to help her team.” 

Boys Soccer: Jareth Tosses
    Coach Briones says, “Jareth has displayed incredible leadership qualities before the season and an outstanding effort as a captain during our opening season game.”

Girls Soccer: Jillian Brunelli
    Coach Shannon comments, “Jill always comes with a positive attitude and demonstrates exemplary senior leadership.” 

Girls Swimming & Diving: Sierra Rosario 
    Coach Tubbs states, “Sierra puts in 100% effort at practice and is a great supporter for our team and other swimmers.”

Girls Volleyball: Anna Dutrumble 
    Coach DeBerry adds, “Anna has demonstrated leadership and enthusiasm during these trying times and most of all her positivity has given me hope for a continued season.”