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Brickview restaurant logo est. 1990
A culinary student prepares Bananas Foster table side for a visiting alumni group
Culinary students work the line preparing meals for the Brickview
Patrons in the Brickview have their food delivered to their table
A student server delivers water to patrons in the Brickview
A student server delivers food from the kitchen to the dining room in the Brickview

The Brickview has been in continuous operation at Norwich Free Academy since 1990. Students named the restaurant for the view from the third floor corner of Bradlaw House where the restaurant was originally housed.

A student-managed restaurant, The Brickview is one of many examples of experiential learning at the Academy. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from October to May, the Brickview serves lunch to the campus and community. Students practice their culinary arts skills while learning leadership and business management skills in all of the many aspects of the food service industry. Student waitstaff learn important customer service skills for success in a fast-paced service industry. Each week a different senior manages the restaurant. Responsibilities include planning the menu creating a shopping list and ordering food, assigning tasks and jobs, and overseeing the production and execution of the menu. The food is seasonal and all items are fresh and created on site. To view this week's menu, click here.




11:20-12:20 Tuesdays and Thursdays
11:40- 12:35 Wednesdays

Orders & Reservations

For reservations or to place a take-out or delivery order, please contact The Brickview 860-425-5724

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