Clubs & Activities

Student participation in co-curricular activities is a vital element in the 4 Year NFA Experience. Active students are more likely to enjoy high school and not only perform better academically during periods of co-curricular membership, but also enhance their self-knowledge and social development.

Explore the many activities available to you, and don’t pass up the opportunity to meet new friends, to have new experiences, and to appreciate life in the Wildcat Community.

NFA has over 65 clubs and activities focused upon a variety of interests like community service, music, world languages, outdoor activities, politics, student government, and many, many more.

Become an actively engaged Wildcat.

Activism, Government & Volunteering


Amnesty International, affiliated with a worldwide movement, works to promote human rights. Student activists have historically been at the frontlines of human rights movements. Amnesty International is one way to learn more about global issues and educate others about human rights.

Advisers:  TBD


Club members work with local Rotarians to develop International and local community projects, take action, build international understanding, and make new friends around the world. Members focus on global issues that also face our communities.

Adviser:  Jodi Savage


NFA Cares About Cancer, open to everyone interested in helping to fight against cancer, raises money for the American Cancer Society. The club meets every other week to plan fundraisers and its role in the local Relay For Life.

Advisers:  Rebecca Holdridge  &  Christine Browning


The NFA Prevention Council works collaboratively with the Norwich Prevention Council, regional prevention councils and prevention programs to address at-risk behavior in community youth and implement prevention programs in local elementary, middle, and high schools. The group promotes educational and leadership opportunities and state policy change about tobacco, alcohol, drugs, suicide, and other dangerous behaviors. 

Advisers:  Jodi Savage


Project Outreach is NFA’s award-winning student volunteer organization. Student coordinators recruit and place volunteers for local social service agencies, area elementary schools and the NFA community. PO volunteers help the hungry, the homeless, the elderly, the disabled, and the school community and children, to name a few. On campus, PO volunteers help in a myriad of ways. Peer Tutors provide the NFA students with academic help during study halls or after school. Project Outreach helps students, through a positive volunteer experience, become aware of today’s social issues, establish high self-esteem, and promote responsible decision skills. PO volunteers who give one hour a week to a volunteer job may switch their study halls to the Project Outreach room.

Adviser:  Jodi Savage


The Student Advisory Board (SAB) provides a democratic forum for students to promote the common welfare and academic integrity of Norwich Free Academy. It supports the good name, spirit, and tradition of the school. Three committees fill the purpose of the board: An activities committee plans, organizes, and implements student activities on or off campus; a logistics committee implements infrastructure activities brought to it by the board; and a legislative committee reviews matters brought to it by students, voices student concerns, and makes recommendations to the administration.

Advisers:  Lorraine Dooley, Brian Martin, Maria Crooks, Marisa Seng


The Support our Servicemen & Women Club honors local veterans and their families. The group plans activities and projects to recognize and celebrate Veterans Day, Month of the Military Child, Military Spouse Appreciation Day, Armed Forces Day, and Memorial Day.

Adviser:  Bob Malouf, Alyssa Pendleton


The Young Voter’s Society instills a passion and engages and involves diverse students at every level in learning about and participating in the political process. The club fosters innovative responses to current political issues and discusses the benefits and consequences of each response. The group develops students into resourceful members of society. Club experiences employ students’ political interest outside of school and benefit the community by raising awareness and encouraging regular voting. Open to all students.

Adviser:  TBD

Career & Personal Development


FEMALES (Females Excelling, Maturing to Achieve, Leadership, Excellence and Success) promote unity, leadership, and sisterhood among NFA women by sponsoring and attending workshops and lectures.  The group develops character, strengthens self-esteem, and provides resources for self-empowerment and achievement.

Adviser:  Evi Correia


Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), a national student organization, promotes personal growth and leadership development through Family and Consumer Sciences education. A dynamic and effective group, members form character, develop creative, critical thinking, and interpersonal communication skills, build practical knowledge and prepare for a career by focusing upon the multiple roles of family member, wage earner, and community leader.

Adviser: Janelle O'Neil,  Amy Reed, and Laura Szczygiel


Fashion Club is open to all students interested in presenting and exchanging fashion ideas, design and beauty tips. Speakers include fashion college students, beauticians, buyers, photographers, and models. The end of the year goal is to present a fashion show. Weekly meetings take place after school.

Adviser:  Rebecca Karis

Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

Gender & Sexuality Alliance provides students with an opportunity to discuss and understand differences in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (LGBTQ) issues. The group meets twice monthly to focus upon current events, community issues, and literature to support LGBTQ populations and allies. GSA is a safe place for students to express themselves and seek or give personal assistance. The club works with community groups like PFLAG (Parents, Family, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) and other GSAs. The club is open to all.

Advisers:  Beth Serra, Shannon Andros; Nancy Jones


NFA Christian Fellowship usually assembles in the morning for prayer and meets for an hour once a week after school for prayer, Bible study, fundraisers, socials, or service activities. The club’s activities vary from year to year depending on the spirit of the student leaders.

Adviser:  Ian Pawlak


The Young Educators’ Society, committed to students who wish to pursue careers as educators, participates in numerous activities with Y.E.S. organizations from other schools; take field trips, college tours, and teacher preparation workshops; shadows teachers; plans and participates in social events relating to education; and performs community service. Future teachers of all grades and subjects are welcome.

Advisers:  Erin Kennick  &  Molly Hankard

Culture & Language


The ASL Club raises awareness of deaf culture, bridging the gap between deaf and hearing individuals and values, and promotes programs on campus and within the greater Eastern Connecticut deaf community.

Adviser:  Nathan Wheeler


Asian Cultures Club explores and reveals all that is wonderful about Asian cultures. Both Asian and non-Asian students participate to discover the music, food, clothing, customs, history, and, more importantly, cultural traditions of various Asian and Asian-American cultures and to appreciate their unique differences. Activities include food festivals, museum visits, video presentations, guest speakers and discussions. The club meets bi-monthly after school.

Adviser:  Chongmin Ji


The Beatles Club, open to all NFA students interested in learning about the most influential rock band in history, meets every other Tuesday. The club offers an in-depth study of the music, controversies, myths and the personalities that created the famous sounds. Members explore the impact of the Beatles on society and modern rock music. Also, members learn how the band’s sound, image, and style continued to evolve with the changing attitudes of the 1960s.

Adviser:  TBD


The Cape Verdean Student Group promotes the culture and history of Cape Verde. The group has been actively involved in community activities like the historic visit in 2007 of the Cape Verdean Prime Minister. The Cape Verdean Student Group educates students about the music, food, dance, and language of Cape Verde, and encourages all students to join the fun and learning.

Adviser:  Leo Butler


Debate Team introduces students to the world of organized verbal and mental combat. Members learn to use data, logic, research, and reason to outwit an opponent and persuade an audience to a point of view. In public debates, members test their skills while exploring timely and controversial topics. Interested members have opportunities to explore more formal and competitive debate formats, including inter-school and statewide competitions. Membership is open to all grades and levels of experience.

Adviser:  Mark Kulos


French Club (Le Cercle Francais) welcomes current and recent students of French of all levels, to opportunities to learn about and enjoy French culture. Annual events and activities include Cantiques de Noel (Christmas carol sing), Festival du Film Français (winter film series), and Mardi Gras (an inter-language club celebration). Members play French games and listen to French music. French food (including crêpes and crêpe-making) plays an important role in meetings and activities. The club also provides opportunities for members to use their talents and creativity in activities like a spring picnic, a poetry/music coffeehouse, publicity and fundraising, February travel to Quebec and field trips to museums and restaurants, and a yearly trip to New York are possible.

Bienvenue! (Welcome)

Adviser:  Mickey Williston


The Haitian Support Group creates a forum for learning about Haitian history, culture, and music. Members promote academic achievement by tutoring and mentoring Haitian students who are new to NFA, and work with the community to plan and participate in Haitian events like Haitian Flag Day. All NFA students are encouraged to join.

Adviser:  Leo Butler


High School Bowl competes annually at Yale University. Each spring a contest of general knowledge takes place to determine the members of the following year’s bowl team. The team can consist of six or more students, but only three, plus one alternate, compete in each year’s event.

Adviser:  Chris Brown


Italian Club promotes Italian culture and in activities and events pursues aspects of Italian culture not covered in the daily curriculum.

Adviser:  Mirela Gjino


JCL – Junior Classical League, made up of students taking Latin or Greek and others interested in the goals of the club, competes, travels, celebrates and explores links to the Ancient Greeks and Romans. The National Junior Classical League promotes understanding of classical mythology, languages, culture, and art. JCL members support activities at Slater Museum; prepare for interscholastic competitions; take field trips to zoos, museums, concerts, and plays; celebrate with food and music, and participate in campus activities with other clubs.

Adviser:  Nathan Wheeler


The Successful Hispanics’ Alliance, dedicated to the celebration and improvement of academically successful students of Latino background, creates a support network for students striving to succeed academically and as community members. The group reaches out to other students to share the importance of education. Students of Latino background who have an initial GPA of 3.0 with improvement through the years are eligible to join.

Adviser: Maria Crooks


The Spanish Club promotes interest in Spanish language and culture by extending classroom experience. Festive events and activities include film screenings, taco nights, pinata fundraisers, car washes, recycled bag sales, Day of the Dead altar construction, and Christmas festivities. While knowledge of Spanish is a plus, it is not a requirement for club membership.

Adviser: TBD

Honor Societies


NFA’s Yung Wing Chapter of the National Chinese Honor Society, founded in September 2012, is named for Yung Wing, a Yale classmate of the Academy’s second principal William Hutchinson. Wing was the first Chinese student to graduate from a US university. NCHS develops leadership, promotes the Chinese language and culture, and performs local community service. NCHS members, selected for character, scholarship, leadership, and service, meet monthly. Typical activities include a Chinese New Year celebration, a dumpling sale, and a field trip to New York’s China Town.

Adviser:  Chongmin Ji


Students in grades 10-12 who show outstanding ability and interest in art are selected for membership based upon an application process demonstrating scholarship, service, and character. The NAHS strives to bring art education to the attention of the school and community and works In collaboration with the Student Art Association for activities, service, and events.

Advisers:  Alysha Carmody, Sarah Nash


The Henry A. Tirrell Chapter of the National Honor Society at Norwich Free Academy was founded by George Shattuck in 1941. He was an active member of the scholarship committee of the National Association of Secondary School Principals, the parent organization. Shattuck named the chapter for his predecessor, Henry A. Tirrell, an Academy principal for more than thirty-five years. The chapter is dedicated to service to school and community. Each year students are selected based upon scholarship, leadership, service, and character to continue this rich legacy. A Faculty Council acting on behalf of the entire faculty annually honors a select group of students with membership.

Adviser: Debra Kendall


The Science National Honor Society encourages and recognizes the pursuit of scientific knowledge at Norwich Free Academy and among members of the surrounding scientific and civil communities. Members participate in one or more community service projects to promote this mission. Guest speakers, club officers, and students involved in the Connecticut Science Fair present about scientific topics and their scientific work. To qualify, a student must be an upper or senior, maintain a 3.5 unweighted average in science, and an overall GPA of 3.0 or better. Uppers should have at least four semesters of honors or higher science courses; seniors should have six semesters of honors or higher courses (including present courses).  Students are required to attend at least 50% of meetings to maintain membership.

Adviser:  Stephani Jones


The Robert G. Mead Chapter of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica, founded in 2001 is named for Robert G. Mead, distinguished scholar of Hispanic literature at the University of Connecticut, renowned as a pioneering multiculturalist and staunch advocate for improved Inter-American relations. Each year students are chosen by scholarship, character, and service. Membership is an honor bestowed upon a select group of students by chapter sponsors on behalf of the World Language Department. All members must attend chapter meetings and participate in a community service project. Members of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica are eligible to apply for several prestigious awards through the national organization.

Adviser:  Rachel Mandeville

Literature, Media, Visual & Performing Arts


Anime Club meets to discuss, show, and promote Anime, Manga, Art, and Music with an additional focus on broadening Japanese cultural understanding. The club is open to all students.

Adviser:  Chris Staley


Members learn how to be in front of the video camera or behind the scenes in production work and editing on Final Cut X. Club members work on the weekly morning show, live broadcasts, and have lots of fun with other students who have similar interests and passions.

Adviser:  Cheray Fitzgerald


The Book Club unites students and other NFA community members to discuss the works they are reading in an open conversation of ideas and opinions. Writers are also welcome to discuss the writing process.

Adviser:  TBD


Classic Movie Club meets weekly to view and discuss movies that predate 1960. The club educates students about an innovative era that sparked today’s cinematic innovations. Participants develop a historical and social perspective. Movie content and subject are wide-ranging. Some are silent; some are colorful; some sparkle with drama. Students are welcome to attend any of the after-school meetings.

Adviser:  TBD


Students enthusiastically interested in learning more about comic book culture, meet weekly to discuss different genres including Marvel, DC, Manga, and other unique varieties. Graphic novel enthusiasts are welcome. Students have the opportunity to create their own comic book and view on-screen adaptations based upon certain comics.

Adviser:  TBD


Dance Team, founded by students in 1997, practices one to two times per week, choreographs dance routines and performs at events in and out of school including parades, talent competitions, school meetings, and pep rallies. The success of the team relies heavily on the commitment and enthusiasm of members; membership is open to both young women and men.

Medical clearance required.

Adviser:  Ashley Caldeira

DIY Arts Club

Adviser: Emily Latham, Kimberly Lirette


Norwich Free Academy’s  yearbook The Mirror tells a story of the entire school year through pictures and words. A “spring delivery” book, it also includes a supplemental “magazine style” edition for the senior end-of-the-year activities.  

While learning desktop publishing, Photoshop, and photography the staff also learns organizational skills, the importance of deadlines, and follow through.  Students are also able to learn the business processes of production and sales through soliciting advertising from local businesses, designing ads, and  marketing. Producing the yearbook is a large and rewarding responsibility.

Adviser:  Cheray Fitzgerald


Beginners and experienced photographers have the opportunity to learn about traditional photography and work in the darkroom in the Bradlaw studio. Students share ideas, collaborate on projects, and enjoy the photograph making process.

Adviser: Ian Pawluk


Performing Arts sponsors at least one major production each semester, including a major musical involving dance, instrumental and vocal music, and acting. Students also carry out technical stage work such as lighting, sound, scenery, makeup and costuming. Although some experience is helpful, no particular experience is necessary.

Adviser:  Phil Trostler


The Student Art Association exposes motivated, serious art students to the field of art beyond the classroom. Members experience the work and creative processes of professional artists, become aware of the many career opportunities in the field; participate in workshops to aid the consistent production of quality portfolio work; learn and use the professional skills to maintain an independent Student Gallery, and enjoy the demands being an “art student.”

Advisers:  Jen Carlstrom  &  Stephanie Blonsky


Writer’s Ink supports students writing poetry, fiction, essays, and plays. The club meets every other week to share ideas and to read aloud works-in-progress. Open to all students, the group encourages and guides publication of work, both on and off campus.

Advisers:  Kim Roberts  &  Ashley Cholewa



Ambassadors is an elite group of vocal performers. Students audition to become members of this choral group. The Ambassadors sing at NFA performances and various community functions.

Adviser:  Tonya Laymon


Guard focuses upon basic techniques of the modern and indoor color guard show. Members learn a variety of dance and guard techniques and participate in competitions during the early spring. All uniforms and equipment are provided. Participation in weekend performances and weekly evening rehearsals is required.

Students receive ½ credit for Color Guard & Indoor Guard.

Medical clearance required.

Adviser:  Corey Pierce contact through Kristen Motola

Concert Band

Open to all wind and percussion players, Concert Band performs grade six Wind Ensemble literature primarily of the Twentieth Century. The music is challenging and musically fulfilling. The breadth of literature affords performers an exceptional experience rarely found in high school.

Concert Band begins to prepare at the end of November for at least five major performances each year: the Winter Concert, A.S.B.D.A. (American School Band Directors Association), State Concert Band and Small Ensemble Adjudication Festival, the Spring Tour Bon Voyage Concert, Spring Tour Performance at a National or International Adjudication Festival, and the Spring Concert. Members participate in all performances, afternoon section rehearsals, evening rehearsals, parades, and the Spring Tour. Students receive 1 credit for Concert Band.

Concert Band and Wildcat Marching Band are virtually the same organization – the NFA Band. The fall activity of the NFA Band is field show preparation and performance. Winter and spring activities are concert literature preparation and parade band performances.

Adviser:  Kristen Motola

Jazz Ensemble

Jazz Ensemble members are drawn from the NFA Band. Rehearsals take place 6- 8:30 p.m., Wednesday and Thursday starting in late November.

The ensemble exposes members to various styles of jazz and provides opportunities to refine chord reading and improvisation skills. Jazz Ensemble performs at all Music Department Concerts and other special events, travels to several competitions throughout New England, and performs at a National or International Competition/Adjudication Festival.

Adviser:  Kristen Motola

Musicians Club

Musicians Club unites musicians to exchange ideas, to work together to develop their talents, and to provide entertainment for students and faculty,

Advisers:  TBD


Orchestra performs challenging and musically fulfilling compositions from the Baroque Era through the Twentieth Century. The breadth of literature allows every member to have a successful and rewarding experience. Orchestra is open to strong players and meets regularly as part of the daily class schedule. Wind players meet weekly, 2:30 - 4:30 p.m., Wednesday afternoons. Wind and the string instruments combine for most Orchestra. String orchestra pieces and small ensemble works are also an important part of Orchestra.

Orchestra has at least five major performances throughout the year: the Christmas Concert, Winter Concert, Spring Tour Bon Voyage Concert, Spring Tour Performance at a National or International Adjudication Festival, and the Spring Concert. It is important for all members to participate in all performances, afternoon section rehearsals, evening rehearsals, and the Spring Tour. Students receive 1 credit for Orchestra.

Adviser:  Kristen Motola

Percussion Ensemble

Open to all students interested in learning or having experience with percussion instruments, Percussion Ensemble focuses mainly on the mallet and auxiliary percussion instruments, giving special attention to basic snare and mallet technique. Members perform a variety of different music including Jazz, Rock, Pop, and Classical.

Percussion Ensemble performs in 4-5 concerts per year: Winter Concert, Spring Concert, Pops Concert, and Graduation. Concert participation is a requirement, and members are required to participate in after-school dress rehearsals for each concert.

Students Receive 1 credit for Percussion Ensemble.

Adviser:  Kristen Motola

Wildcat Marching Band

Marching Band is an evening group open to students with at least one year of experience on a brass, woodwind, or percussion instrument, or who wish to be a part of the color guard. Marching band begins training for the fall in late May and meets several times throughout the summer to prepare for the season. 

Marching band requires full participation in band camp, a 7-day camp at NFA during the second week of August. Also, all members are required to attend the 4-day overnight retreat following band camp. Weekly rehearsals begin the week before school starts and run 5-8 p.m., Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and during the day on Saturday. The Marching band also performs at all varsity home football games and competes each Saturday from September through November. Members are required to have updated sports physical on file with the NFA Medical Center before starting camp.

Members are required to participate in all performances; in addition to football games and marching band competitions, the band also performs at pep rallies, community programs, the winter concert, and parades.

Students receive a ½ credit for Marching Band.

Medical clearance required.

Adviser:  Kristen Motola

School Culture, Spirit & Social Activity

Class of 2020

Administrative Liaison: Kristin Peckrul

Class Advisers: Michelle Chapel, Heather Jakan, Stephani Jones, Arrika Kalwara, Kelsey Klaeson

Class of 2021

Administrative Liaison: R. Sward

Class Advisers Michelle Beaulieu, Jessica Chapman, Chad Johnson, Sarah Lefrancois

Class of 2022

Administrative Liaison: Tracey DeDonato

Class Advisers: Lori Croteau, Alyssa Pendleton, Phil Trostler, Danielle Robillard


Cranston House Council brings together representatives from each ninth grade unit works together to plan activities for the entire ninth-grade class to have fun, foster class pride, and raise funds for the class.

Administrative Liaison: Bryant Sheldon

Advisers: Molly Hankard, Erin Kennick, Kasey McNatt, Kathleen Machnick


Gaming Club is open to all students interested in various games including video, board, and card. Members compete at almost any type of game during two-hour meetings every other Monday. Students may attend when their schedule allows. Gambling is not allowed.

Adviser:  Chris Labelle


Unified Club promotes campus and community acceptance and respect by including and involving students of all abilities in activities, games, and fun.

Advisers:  Chris Staley


The Varsity N Club has a lengthy history at NFA. Membership is open to all athletes, male and female, who have earned a varsity letter in their sport. The N Club sponsors Homecoming activities including a pep rally, elections for Homecoming Court, halftime activities at the football game, and the Homecoming Dance. The N Club also sponsors winter pep rallies, open gym nights, and other activities during the year.

Advisers:  Matt Jacobs  &  Alysha Carmody

Sports, Physical & Outdoor Activity


Bowling Club, open to all NFA students, gives students the opportunity to bowl as a group and socialize. The club meets weekly at the Norwich Ten Pin to compete against each other in a fun, recreational setting. New and experienced bowlers are welcome.

Medical clearance required.

Adviser:  Matt Bedard


Equestrian Club provides a time and place for horse lovers of all experience levels to meet and share their equine knowledge. Students demonstrate and participate in horse-related activities and crafts, and visit various farms and equine performances. In fun and informative meetings, members share news of their horses, problems, accomplishments, and time with others who share their interest.

Medical clearance required.

Adviser:  Sarah Nash


Fishing Club informs and educates both novice and experienced anglers in both fresh and saltwater fishing. Members share information in periodic meetings about where and when to fish, what equipment to use, and how to make each fishing trip more productive. Members also share personal experiences from individual outings with those who share their interest. The Fishing Club is open to all students.

Medical clearance required.

Adviser:  Chad Johnson


Ice Skating Club is a recreational opportunity and social outlet for those who enjoy ice skating. The group is non-competitive and open; it welcomes skaters of all ability levels. Ice time and skate rentals are available. Transportation can be arranged.

Medical clearance required.

Adviser:  Lucy Caskey


Intramurals extend the Physical Education program and provide students not involved in interscholastic athletics a supervised program (1) to enjoy competition and fitness training as recreation; (2) to form social relationships and skills; (3) to belong to a group competing or training in a friendly supporting activity; (4) to promote better health through physical exercise in a variety of activities; and (5) to develop skill and an interest in sports to carry into adult life.

Medical clearance required.

Adviser:  Jeff Brown


Students who currently practice a martial art and those who have never explored one meet to share and discuss techniques, learn about the many disciplines and styles, and interact with other enthusiasts. Topics include self-defense, basic technique, stretching and warm-up, and light competition (no contact) sparring. (This is not a martial arts class; students are encouraged to seek a reputable dojo or training facility).

Medical clearance required.

Adviser:  Tom Moran


The Mountain Bike Club is open to all students who know how to ride a bike and want to engage in mountain bike cycling and possibly racing.  Members will become knowledgeable on bike maintenance as well as safe riding techniques. You don’t need a bike to join, but everyone is encouraged to train on their own bikes,.  Meetings are held in the library and bike training's' are held at Mohegan Park trails. Meetings and/or training's are held after school in the fall & spring.

Medical clearance required.

Adviser: Kelley Croteau


The Outdoor Club began as a ski club, but the group’s motto “to get in touch with the class-room out-of-doors” expanded the focus into single-day skiing, hiking, and bicycling trips; after school “how to” workshops; and several long weekend skiing and backpacking trips. The group is open to all students with any level of experience.

A typical year might include 3-4 day backpacking trips on Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans’ Day and Memorial Day week-ends. A culminating wilderness experience in some years takes place after graduation. Target areas of the White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire and Rangeley Lakes, Penobscot Bay and Baxter Park regions of Maine provide high quality, remote backdrop for wilderness experience. Cycling local roads during fall and spring are typically 20-45 mile trips determined by weather, group strength, and daylight.

After-school workshops include cooking a meal on a backpacking stove and learning useful knots. Workshops prepare students for overnight trips.

The Outdoor Club also runs eight, after-school ski trips to Wachusett Mountain.

Medical clearance required.

Adviser:  Seth Yarish

Skateboard Club

Medical clearance required.

Adviser: Sonya Cyr, Eri Flaucher


The Walking Club meets weekly to revel in the beauty of Connecticut’s landscape and weather during leisurely strolls through Norwich.

Medical clearance required.

Adviser:  TBD



The Amateur Radio & Engineering Club has been operating at NFA since 1944.  Members learn about electrical engineering, computer science, and robotics through collaborative projects. Amateur Radio, the hobby of using wireless methods to communicate globally and locally, is the glue that connects these disciplines.  Students have the option of receiving their amateur radio license as well. Past student projects include a high-altitude balloon for measuring temperature and wind patterns, all-terrain robots, 3D printed robot parts, and communications via radio with other schools across the country.

Adviser:  Anthony Girasoli


In addition to spending time enjoying a mutual interest together, members of the Aquarium Club educate one another about common aquarium issues/challenges, help one another with equipment and animal needs, place group orders to reduce shipping costs, and discuss aquarium topics, both public and private.

Adviser:  Ryan Czaja


Computer Club members are interested in learning more about computer science -- hardware, software, and networking. Club members restore equipment to provide freeware to distribute to area individuals and groups who might otherwise not have access to technology.

Adviser:  TBD


Math Club, open to all interested students, provides opportunities to collaborate and compete with others interested in solving mathematical problems. Math Team is comprised of members of the Math Club and competes six times annually with students from several regional high schools in the Greater New London County Math League. Members test their mathematical prowess and have fun at the same time.

Advisers:  Christine Justice


Oceanography Club is open to any student interested in learning about and exploring the marine environment. Members learn about and care for marine organisms and marine aquariums, and take field trips to local marine environments like beaches, marshes, and marine aquariums. Also, the club competes in a regional Ocean Sciences competition.

Adviser:  Seth Yarish


The Science & Environmental Club allows students the opportunity to learn more about the world around them. The club offers a variety of activities including local walks and hikes; kayaking; birding; setting; museum trips; planetarium tours and talks; camping; guest lectures; service learning activities; after-school lab activities; and visits to local nature preserves, land trusts, state parks, and nature centers. The club also sponsors one annual (long distance) trip to learn about the scientific and environmental issues facing a chosen destination.

Medical clearance required.

Adviser:  Heather Botelle


Members apply technology and engineering skills in challenging and innovative ways.  Working individually or as a team, members explore a wide variety of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) related career interests, choose from a multitude of projects correlated with national STEM standards, and compete against other students within our state and across the country.

Adviser:  Jeff Moore, Todd Zagurski