Winter Season Spectator Guidelines

As we begin the winter season, it will be exciting to have fans return to sporting events – particularly in Alumni Hall, our home court.

We will not, however, be operating at full capacity.

Here is the important information you need to understand how this season will work, from tickets at home to tickets away to food and drink.

It’s also important to note that this remains a fluid situation, and any of these rules and guidelines can change at any time.

Events in Alumni Gym (basketball, wrestling, cheer, dance)

  1. Masks are required for all spectators.
  2. We will operate at a maximum of 50% occupancy.
  3. Each team member will be provided a laminated voucher to be distributed to family members. This voucher is color coded per team. Vouchers will not be replaced. Vouchers guarantee the opportunity to purchase tickets for admission. They do not guarantee free admission.
  4. A limited number of tickets will be available for students to purchase from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm on the day of the scheduled game. These tickets will be available in the Athletics Office. Students must present ID and will be allowed to purchase one student ticket.
  5. Opponents will also be provided vouchers which guarantee the ability to purchase tickets at our events. Up to 50 vouchers will be provided to each team for each game.
  6. The remaining tickets will be sold at the door until we have reached capacity.
  7. Concessions will not be available. Food and drink will not be allowed in the gym
  8. All events in Alumni Hall will be streamed live at

Events in Norton Gymnasium (Fencing)

Spectators will not be allowed due to capacity issues.
Meets will be streamed live at

“Home” events at offsite locations (swimming, gymnastics)

Policies will be determined by the host locations and information will be shared directly with the athletes on those teams.

Events at other locations (indoor track and field)

Rules and regulations will be governed by the specific locations and shared as soon as possible with those athletes.

Any event when NFA is the visiting team

Access to away events will be determined by the host school with priority given to the families of participating athletes. Team coaches will share those guidelines in advance of away contests. Anyone with a voucher for an away game is guaranteed the ability to purchase a ticket. Vouchers do not provide free admission.