A return to the hybrid model
October 20
I'm writing to provide you a status update following my meeting today with the leaders of Uncas Health District, Norwich Public Schools, Norwich Tech and the Integrated Day Charter School.
Since October 2, when we transitioned to fully remote learning, there have been improvements in the COVID-19 case numbers specific to Norwich. Because of that, and with the support of Uncas Health District and the cooperation of our Norwich educational partners, we will welcome students back to campus next week. Here's how it will look:
Monday, October 26 – All Cohort A students will be on campus
Tuesday, October 27 – Only 12th graders participating in the SAT will be on campus. All other students will participate in remote learning on a half-day schedule
Wednesday, October 28 – This will be a 'normal' remote learning day for all students
Thursday, October 29 – Only 11th graders participating in the PSAT will be on campus. All other students will participate in remote learning on a full-day schedule
Friday, October 30 – All Cohort B students will be on campus
Key things to know:
• This plan is subject to change based on any changes in community spread metrics.
• Beginning Monday, we will follow a new hybrid schedule. This schedule will provide more consistency with the removal of red/white weeks and more uniform class times. More details will be provided in this week's Sunday Night Reminder.
• We plan to return to our regular hybrid schedule Monday, November 2. That remains subject to change, but it is the working plan, assuming numbers continue to move in our favor.
• Athletics are not eligible to return until Monday, November 2.
• As a reminder, students do not have school on November 3, Election Day.
While there have been improvements in our numbers, it is imperative that we remain vigilant with our mitigation efforts, including mask wearing, social distancing and hand hygiene. One of the biggest challenges we face is the action of our students when they are not in school. We have been made aware of regular off-campus gatherings drawing large numbers of students in attendance. These gatherings put students at risk and threaten our ability to provide a consistent on-campus experience for our students.
Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation. I will provide additional information as needed.
Dr. Brian M. Kelly
Head of School