NFA Update - Grading Policy - April 29
Dear Friends,
Greetings from NFA. I hope your family is healthy and in good spirits despite these extraordinary circumstances. The purpose of this communication is to share the NFA Grading Plan for the remainder of this school year. This Grading Plan will remain in effect regardless of whether we return to school on May 21, 2020, or if the mandated closure period is extended for the remainder of this school year.This plan was developed by a stellar team of NFA leaders following guidance put forth by the State of Connecticut Commissioner of Education.
Given these unique and unprecedented circumstances, the fundamental principles of our adjusted NFA Grading Plan are:
· Do No Harm
· Give Students the Benefit of the Doubt
Fourth Marking Period (MP4) Grades   
Grade 12:  MP4 grades will consist of Pass (P) or Fail (F). Incomplete (I) will not be a grading option for seniors.
Grade 9-11:  MP4 grades will consist of Pass (P), Incomplete (I) or Fail (F).   
Pass (P):  The student has completed enough work, done well enough on graded assignments/assessments and demonstrated a satisfactory level of engagement to earn a passing grade (P) for MP4.
Incomplete (I):  The student has completed some of the work assigned, done well enough on graded assignments/assessments and been satisfactorily engaged; however, there is some important/required work and/or assessments that must be completed to earn a passing grade (P). Additional time will be given by the teacher to allow the student to complete the required assignments/assessments. The timeline for making up incomplete work has not yet been determined.
Fail (F):  The student has not completed enough work, achieved a passing grade on assignments/assessments, and/or not demonstrated a satisfactory level of engagement.
Final Exams
Final Exams will not be given this school year unless required by the college or university for students enrolled in courses where college credit may be earned (AP, ECE and Dual Enrollment). 
Semester 2 Grades  
Pass (P):  The student's academic performance for Semester 2 supports a grade of Passing (P). 
No Credit (NC):  The student has not achieved a passing grade for Semester 2 and, therefore, credit will not be awarded (NC). Using this model, no student will receive a failing grade (F) for Semester 2 and the official transcript will indicate No Credit (NC) awarded rather than Failing (F).   
Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculation for 2019-2020
The Cumulative GPA for all students (Grades 9-12) will be frozen at the end of Semester 1.  More specifically, a student's end of Semester 1 Cumulative GPA will roll forward and be considered his/her GPA for the 2019-2020 school year. This philosophical approach is consistent with our common sense Do No Harm and Benefit of the Doubt principles.   
Note 1:  There will be no GPA calculated for Semester 2.
Note 2:  There will be no Honor Roll for Semester 2.
These continue to be very challenging times, but I am grateful for the work of all NFA students, faculty and staff. As we continue with remote learning through our Continuity of Learning Plan, I wish good health for all members of our school community.    
David J. Klein