Seal Of Biliteracy Awarded To 15 Students
The Head of NFA's World Language Department, Maria Crooks announced today that fifteen students had earned the newly established state Seal of Biliteracy Recognition. All students are proficient in English and an additional language. One student is proficient in two languages in addition to English.
The Connecticut State Board of Education and the state legislature approved a newly established Connecticut Seal of Biliteracy which attests to a student's language ability in both English and a second language. Eleventh-grade students have the option to test in English and another language to qualify as biliterate. The rigorous national tests approved by the Connecticut State Board of Education assess proficiency in the linguistic domains of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. There are different guidelines and testing formats for different languages. At NFA, candidates indicated their interest in being assessed in February and tested in April.
The following students, all eleventh-graders have achieved linguistic proficiency in English and the additional language/s noted.
Their permanent high school transcript will note their biliterate status.

Meghan Canova - Latin
Jennifer Cepeda Rodriguez - Spanish
Melissa Cifuentes - Spanish
Sophia DiCocco - Italian
Juliana Drainville - French
Rida Fatima - Urdu
Selena Greatsinger – Italian & Spanish
Niurca Hiraldo Rivera - Spanish
Veronia Lopez - Spanish
Andrea Miranda Rosas - Spanish
Anthony Ortiz O'Conner - Spanish
Natalie Palomino - Spanish
Mackenzie Ramsey - Spanish
Nathalie Vazquez Sanabria - Spanish
Yongyi Wu - Chinese
Students who tested but did not achieve the biliterate status may retest in the fall in the domains in which they were not proficient. "Being biliterate in our world today," said Crooks, "is a kind of global currency that we all should strive to achieve." Crooks is biliterate in English and Spanish.