National Honor Society Inducts Newest Members

Norwich Free Academy inducted 76 new members (8 members of the Class of 2018) and (68 members of the Class of 2019) of the Henry A. Tirrell Chapter of the National Honor Society at a ceremony, 6 p.m., May 1, in Slater Auditorium.                           

Senior members of the Honor Society conducted the solemn candle-lighting ceremony.  The program began with a piano processional duet with Lisha Jing on the piano and Hannah Harens playing the viola.  Ushers for the event were Gabrielle Farhina, Shea Lee, Frank Lewis, and Alexandra Tudisca.

Chapter Co-President, Claire Thomas welcomed honorees, their family, friends, and faculty, and David Klein, Head of School offered greetings.  Guercie Guerrier followed with a review of the Chapter History.

Four members reviewed the four pillars of the National Honor Society for inductees by delivering original speeches about the qualities of the organization. Vice-President Yimin “Kathy” Hu spoke about Scholarship; Co-President Claire Thomas spoke about Service; Secretary Brielle Jewell reflected upon Character, and President Shaheer Ahmed spoke about Leadership.

CTE Department Head and NFA Teacher of the Year, Linda Farhina delivered the faculty address. She based her speech upon the popular children’s book, Have You Filled Your Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids by Carol McCloud and illustrated by David Messing.  Her message centered upon filling your bucket by giving to others in life. 

After distribution of certificates and membership pins, students recited the chapter oath. A reception in the Atrium followed.  

Inducted from the Class of 2018          

Anna Ciriello, Michael Flaherty, Andre Keith, Yuxuan Liu, Astha Marasini, Jaden McNally, Brandon Speight, and Amber Wells.        

Inducted from the Class of 2019          

Elizabeth Bartoshevich, Joshua Blinderman, Sydney Brewer, Genevieve Buckridge, Emma Campagnari, Kaitlin Cavanaugh, Sandra Chen, Yaxin Chen, Ariahna Cohen, Bailey Comeau, Hannah Crary, Nathaniel Crary, Peter Crary, Morgan Crawford, Jillian Derjue, Natalie Dionne, Phoebe Drupa, Shayne Evans, Julia Florence, Aidan Gallagher, Melanie Girardin, Alexander Grandolfi, Vivian Ha, Nicholas Hay, Maranda Hay, Elise Henault, Presley Hill, Juliette Hogan, Katie Humphreys, Randell Idioma, Jillian Irvine, Eliana Jewell,  Roshni Karun, Zoe Kendall, Kailey Kerrigan, Mason Larkin, Carissa Lattin, Ashley Lawton, Andrea Li, Isabella Llano, Zitai Luo, Madison Marquez, John Martin, Leah Mikkelson, Madison Minski, Brandon Nieto, Amy Osella, Yue Peng, Lane Perkins, Madeline Perrino, Kevin Pomroy, Rebecca Ramthun, Brooke Rondeau, Alexis Silva, Ryan Smith, Madison Stripling, Jonathan Synott, Jaime Talabong, Jayleigh Tefft, Michael Tian, Abigail Tracy, Ange-Marlee Vil, Julie Vincent, Emily Vinkels, Ishan Walia, Baylee Wicken, Georgia Woodcock, Jiaqi Xu, and Rachel Zelasky.