NFA Student-Athletes Attend ECC Leadership Conference

The Eastern Connecticut Conference (ECC) hosted a leadership conference Wednesday, March 28, 2018 at Port and Starboard at Ocean Beach. The conference focused on topics including leadership qualities and skills and sportsmanship. The student-athletes were grouped with members from different schools promoting dialogue across varied sports. The event was coordinated by Ellen Turner, Wheeler High School Athletic Director, and included NFA coaches Luke Gabordi, Anthony Turgeon, and Courtney Gomez ‘04 as guest speakers. NFA was represented by student-athletes Seamus Sullivan, Ryan Foster, Hailee Schrader, Adelino Daveiga, Jill Irvine, Wendy Gethers, Cameron Belton, and Andy Ng (pictured L to R). 

Ryan Foster ‘19, NFA Boys Lacrosse, stated, “I thought the whole program was inspiring. The overall message motivated everyone there to want to compete at a higher level both in their sport and in sportsmanship. It was really positive.”