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COVID Protocols

Norwich Free Academy remains a mask-optional campus. This is by choice for all members of our community, including students and faculty. We support individual decisions in this manner. Hand sanitizers remain in all classrooms and common areas, and we encourage frequent use. We reserve the right to make any necessary changes based on state or federal mandate or a significant increase in local cases. Necessary changes will be communicated promptly. 

To view our weekly community case numbers, click here. Updates will be posted on Fridays.
The most important piece of information is simple: if you are sick, stay home. Follow the chart below for symptoms and more information. Questions should be directed to our Medical Center at 860-425-5551.
Self-screen using the guidelines below before coming to school each day.
Covid 19 symptom checker
If answering yes to any of these questions, stay home, and follow up with your primary care provider.
●      Fever of 100° or Above
●      New or Worsening Cough/Shortness of Breath
●      New Loss of Smell or Taste
●      If you have tested positive, and/or have questions, please contact the NFA Medical Center, 860-425-5551