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What is a school-based health center?

The UCFS school-based health center (SBHC) at Norwich Free Academy is a doctor’s office inside of your child’s school. The services are provided by an APRN (advanced practice registered nurse) and behavioral health clinician who are experts in adolescent health and are employed by UCFS. The intention of the UCFS SBHC is to supplement the care your child receives at their pediatrician’s office. The UCFS SBHC staff communicates with your child’s primary care physician to keep them updated about the care your child receives at the UCFS SBHC.

The goals of a SBHC are to:

  • Help students stay in school to receive needed care rather than have to leave campus.
  • Improve students’ academic achievement by taking care of medical, dental and behavioral health needs that can make learning difficult.
  • Remove barriers to care such as lack of transportation or insurance and to support school staff through wellness and educational events.