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Student Handbook - The Pilot

All members of the NFA community are responsible for creating a school climate with respect for the rights and dignity of others. To support such a climate, The Pilot defines and establishes individual responsibilities and basic rules in specific detail. 
Students are expected to behave in a socially appropriate manner on school grounds and at all school activities. Students are to comply with school rules and regulations and be courteous to each other and all NFA employees and guests. 
The material here is intended to communicate general information, rules and procedures to students and parents. It is not intended to expand or diminish any administrative regulation, negotiated agreement or any policy approved by the Board of Trustees. 
Information in The Pilot is subject to revision or elimination without notice. NFA will make good faith efforts to notify students and parents about substantive changes through channels of communication, but a student or parent’s failure to receive such information does not remove or reduce responsibility to adhere to changes.