Chromebook Program

Norwich Free Academy is providing Chromebooks to NFA students upon parent/guardian request.   

Students are expected to bring a laptop, either an NFA Chromebook or their own Chromebook/laptop (not a phone or tablet), fully charged to school every day.  

Web traffic will be filtered and tracked using NFA’s filtering services, as the Chromebook is property of NFA.  Students are not allowed to install software or modify NFA Chromebooks in any way.  The signed technology use agreement in the NFA Pilot covers NFA Chromebooks.

Ordering a Chromebook

Please fill out the form below to reserve a Chromebook for your student.
You can opt for a $35 damage waiver each year. This plan covers two damages to the Chromebook per year (e.g., broken keyboard, broken case, cracked screen, device stops working).  After two damage incidents, you will be charged the full value of a Chromebook should a third or more damage incident occur.
If you choose NOT to opt for the damage waiver and your student’s Chromebook is damaged, you will be charged the full value of the Chromebook (see replacement costs below).


Single Choice
*By choosing NOT to participate in the $35/year insurance program, I understand that I will be responsible for the full replacement cost of the Chromebook if damaged.
That I have read and agree to NFAs terms, conditions, and fees of the NFA Student Chromebook Program

Payment Information

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