2020-21 Course Registration

Helping students to plan a course of study for next year is a collaborative effort among students, families and all the professionals at the Academy. This area of the website is a resource for parents to access the information and tools they need to offer their children assistance.

Exploring Opportunities, February 4 - 14, 2020, is time for students to work together with families, teachers and counselors to make informed decisions about their future at Norwich Free Academy and beyond. By working together, we encourage students to put their high school course work and learning and their co-curricular activities into the context of their post-high school plans. To do so, is to be on the path of success.

Start with "Opportunity & Choice," NFA's 2020-21 Course Catalog to find a great deal you need to know to help your child make the most of NFA's opportunities and choices.

We expect that students will consider their course selections carefully. We want them to be challenged and take advantage of NFA's many curriculum offerings. Students are expected to remain in their scheduled classes for the full term to fulfill the commitment made when registering.

In the tabbed boxes below, find more specific information.

As always, we are here to help. If you have questions, contact Jessica Vocatura, Guidance Department Head at 860-425-5622 or Jeanne Elliott, Guidance Director at 860-425-5600.