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NFA Update - Confidentiality Notice - April 7
During the school closure related to COVID-19, Norwich Free Academy is providing a Continuity of Learning Plan to all students. Because lessons are being provided to you to access in your homes, parents/guardians of the students involved will be hearing (if teleconferencing platforms are used) and seeing (if videoconferencing platforms are used) other students participating in the lessons.  
We are always protective of the confidentiality rights of students and want to comply in all respects with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. However, given this extraordinary and unprecedented situation in which we all find ourselves, we want you to understand that in the course of the group lessons being provided by digital platforms, there may be sharing of personally identifiable information, specifically information about your own child, as well as that of other students. Student confidentiality must be respected at all times when participating in Continuity of Learning Plans and you agree to maintain the confidentiality of all information you may obtain about any students other than your own child. We ask that you work with us to minimize any such possible release of information, but also that you understand the circumstances under which such a release of personally identifiable information may occur and that NFA does not have control over the potential disclosure or dissemination of this information.
We ask that students participate in instruction in a location that is quiet and free of distraction if possible. Therefore, other individuals in the home will not participate in or be visible on video or online sessions other than to provide reasonable adult supervision. Parents and students are prohibited from recording any portion of any teleconferencing or videoconferencing sessions. All individuals shall comply with relevant NFA policies, including but not limited to, those concerning the confidentiality of student records and acceptable use of NFA’s computer systems. Student privacy and the confidentiality of student information are of utmost importance.
If you do not wish for your child to participate in the Continuity of Learning Plan as described, please contact the appropriate building principal. If you wish to opt out of the Continuity of Learning Plan, NFA will provide a different means by which to provide a continuous learning opportunity for the student. Please include your students name and your name in the correspondence.
Thank you for your continued support and patience.
Bradlaw Principal: Tracey DeDonato,
Cranston Principal: Bryant Sheldon,
Sachem Principal: Kathy Cote,
Shattuck Principal: Kristin Peckrul,
Tirrell Principal: Ross Sward,