Playshop movie online this weekend

The Monologue Show, a movie produced by NFA Playshop, is available online this weekend through Sunday, November 22.

The film will be available for three days, Friday, November 20; Saturday, November 21; and Sunday, November 22. A minimum donation of $10 gives you and your household full day access to watch as many times as you want. To access the movie, click here (link to

In a hilarious tale of art imitating life, The Monologue Show involves a theater class preparing to perform a series of true-life monologues, only to scramble and improvise when things don't go as planned. Twenty-nine NFA students are taking part in the film, portraying roles as varied as a teen couple in the midst of an on-air breakup, a human cannonball, a Star Wars fan fiction writer, an intense spelling bee champion and a boy obsessed with cats. This show takes place over a Google Meet-type call and students were separately filmed in NFA's own television studio, overcoming the limitations of this socially distanced year.