2020-21 Parent Summer Mailing
Dear Parents and Guardians:
I’m writing to share important information about the upcoming school year – one no doubt that will be filled with both opportunities and challenges. Work has been underway all summer to prepare for this year, and flexibility and patience will be important throughout the year as we navigate this unique environment. As you know, we are opening in a hybrid model, with Cohort A including last names of A-K, and Cohort B including last names of L-Z. Our entire Return to School Plan can be found at nfaschool.org.  
August/September Dates of Distinction
Please refer to the enclosed document showcasing the schedule for our first three weeks of school.
Additional Info on the Way
Soon, you will receive a packet of information from the Guidance Department including a student schedule, Guidance Department Newsletter and a student demographic sheet. Please take a few moments to carefully review these important documents.
Medical Clearance – Important
More than 100 freshman and junior families still need to complete all of the necessary paperwork before students can report back to school. Those who still need to provide documentation have all been called by our School Medical Center. If you still need to provide information, please reach out to our Medical Center immediately to complete all work. The best number to call is 860-425-5552.
Morning Drop-off:  Traffic Pattern Reminder 
For student safety, during the morning bus drop-off period (approximately 6:55 – 7:25 a.m.) on the south end of campus, private vehicles may not drop off students by entering campus at the South (Main) Entrance on Crescent Street. Parents are asked to drop off students curbside along Crescent Street.               
Free/Reduced Lunch
While NFA participates in the National School Lunch Program, it does not provide universal Free lunch to all students. Students are deemed eligible through an application or through Direct Certification provided by the CT Department of Social Services for students receiving SNAP or TANF benefits. All students will receive a Free and Reduced Price School Meals Application Form at the beginning of the school year. To apply, fill out and submit all documents to your child’s House Office. For more information or to receive the form (in multiple languages), go to www.nfaschool.org/chartwells.
NFA Charging Policy
NFA and Chartwells Dining Services do not wish that any student go hungry and/or be denied food; however, restrictions are placed upon a student’s ability to charge meals. Please review the terms and conditions under which students may charge for meals at MyNFA>Parents on the NFA website. Click on Chartwells Food Services for information. Also click on the My School Bucks Button and follow directions to set up and fund an account for your child to use an NFA ID to purchase meals, arrange for the automatic transfer of funds and receive low balance alerts.
Household Contact Information
Parents can check and update their contact information online in PowerSchool any time after August 24, 2020. Household Contact information includes the phone number, mailing address, and email address that NFA uses as the PRIMARY contact for informational and notification purposes. If at any time you wish to check or update your Household Contact information, go to MyNFA>Parents on the NFA website and follow the instructions under Update Contact Info.
Grade Reporting
NFA no longer mails home progress reports. You will receive email notification to check  PowerSchool at the midpoint of each quarter. If you wish to request a mailed progress report, please send a letter to my office or email me at kellybr@nfaschool.org on or before Monday, September 21, 2020*. Report cards will be mailed twice each semester (four times per year). The second and fourth report cards indicate final semester grades and graduation credits earned.
Lifetouch Studios 
NFA contracts with Lifetouch National School Studios, Inc., to provide senior portraits and yearbook photography and services. NFA will provide contact information to include names, mailing addresses, and email addresses to Lifetouch so that you can use Parent Notify™, their email automation tool to schedule Senior Portrait appointments, confirmations with students, send reminders about picture day, provide the opportunity to purchase portraits, and provide information about yearbook sales. Lifetouch is committed to complying with its legal obligations pursuant to state and federal data privacy laws, including the Family Educational Rights in Privacy Act (FERPA) and Connecticut House Bill, Public Act No. 18-125 AN ACT CONCERNING REVISIONS TO THE STUDENT PRIVACY ACT. 

If you wish to opt out of this service, please send a letter to John Iovino, Director of Student Affairs, by Wednesday, August 26, 2020. Please note, you may opt out of this service at any time by using the unsubscribe function located in any Lifetouch email.

Notification of Student Data Privacy
Public Act (PA) 18-125 AN ACT CONCERNING REVISIONS TO THE STUDENT DATA PRIVACY ACT requires that NFA notify parents of web-based and mobile-based software used that collect personally identifiable student information. Find a list of titles and contracts of software used by NFA that are in compliance with PA 18-125 at nfaschool.org/privacy.

School-Based Health Center (SBHC)
NFA and UCFS Healthcare have partnered to open a School-Based Health Center (SBHC) on campus offering medical, dental and behavioral health services. Learn more about the SBHC and how to register your child at MyNFA>Parents and click on School Based Health Center.


Directory Information
In December 2001, Congress passed legislation that directs NFA to provide student names, addresses and telephone numbers to military recruiters. If you wish to prevent the disclosure of your child’s directory information to military recruiters, please send a letter to my office or email me at kellybr@nfaschool.org on or before Monday, September 21, 2020*.
AIDS Education
In accordance with state statutes, NFA provides AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) education for all students. Education about this disease will include discussion of family life, risky behavior and condom use. We are required to offer you the opportunity to remove your child from classes when AIDS education is presented. If you would like to have your child exempted from this program, please send a letter to my office or email me at kellybr@nfaschool.org on or before Monday, September 21, 2020*. It would also be helpful for you to let your child know of your request for an exemption.
Curricular Supplements
Films, videos, musical excerpts, online video clips and other material that may be used to supplement our curriculum may depict violence, contain objectionable language, explicit sexual scenes and/or nudity. The use of such materials is not gratuitous, and teachers carefully edit the material in advance; but if you object to your child viewing such supplemental material, please make your concern known to me by letter or email at kellybr@nfaschool.org on or before Monday, September 21, 2020*. It would also be helpful for you to let your child know of your request for an exemption.
NFA Public Relations/Student Names and Photos
We often use images, photos and video of our students on our website and in our promotional materials, publications, advertisements and social media. In some cases, we may use a student’s name as well as a photo. If you do not want NFA to use your child's image or name in any of these ways, please contact me by letter or email me at kellybr@nfaschool.org on or before Monday, September 21, 2020*.
Pesticide Application
Connecticut State Law, Public Act 99-165, entitles you to be notified when pesticides are applied to either the grounds or the buildings. If you would like to be notified when pesticide applications are made, please contact me by letter or email me at kellybr@nfaschool.org on or before Monday, September 21, 2020.*
Withdrawal from School
Connecticut General Statutes, Section 10-184 (Public Act 09-06), requires us to inform you that you are obligated to ensure that your child remains in school and regularly attends until age 17. A parent or guardian must appear in person and sign a withdrawal form to provide consent for a child to withdraw from school at 17 years of age.
Thank you for your attention to this important information. As I mentioned, more will come next week, too. Until then, and throughout the year, I encourage you to access MyNFA>Parents on the NFA website for important information and updates.  
Brian M. Kelly, Ed.D.
Head of School

*If you wish, you may combine requests in one letter/email clearly outlining which areas you are addressing-- Directory Information, AIDS Education, Curricular Supplements, NFA Public Relations/Student Names and Photos, and/or Pesticide Application. NFA must receive all requests in writing by September 21, 2020.

Parents of upper-class students (Grades 10-12) who already have a PowerSchool account may simply enter these requests online in PowerSchool via Ecollect. Sign into PowerSchool, select FORMS then Legal Notifications and Parental Consent and follow the directions. Parents of 9th graders may enter these requests online in PowerSchool via Ecollect once they receive their Access I.D. and password letter. Note:  the Parent Portal will be available on August 24, end of day. NFA must receive all requests in writing, by email, or online by September 21, 2020.