A loss in our community
The NFA community suffered a tragic loss last night with the unexpected passing of one of our students. 
Members of our school counseling team were present today in all classes directly impacted by this loss. They were able to share information, provide immediate support and ensure our students that resources are available to help them process this situation, not just today, but moving forward.
In addition to providing that direct support, all students were notified of this loss and informed about drop-in counseling areas that provide a safe space for them to share feelings and talk to others. These same drop-in resources will be available to all members of our community tomorrow, too. In a moment like this, the strength of our school community is evident in the support we can provide each other.
And, on behalf of our community, I offer our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of this student and ask that you continue to keep them in your thoughts. 
Please be mindful that anyone may be impacted by this loss, regardless of a direct connection to the student. We are prepared -- and will continue -- to offer support on campus, but it’s important for you to know our students may benefit from additional support outside of school, too.  
This has been a challenging year, and this is the second significant loss in our community. Because of that, we are making an adjustment to our schedule next week to allow our students and staff to spend more time with their loved ones. While we will maintain a normal schedule on Monday and Tuesday, we will now begin our Thanksgiving holiday on Wednesday, November 24. Classes will resume Monday, November 29. 
Dr. Brian M. Kelly
Head of School/Superintendent