January 3rd update
Good afternoon,
I’d like to take just a minute to share some additional information with you regarding school operations and adjustments we are making – and may have to make – based on COVID-19.
In the best of times, one of our most challenging spaces on campus is our cafeteria. We are doing the best we can to provide additional spaces for students to eat, allowing them the chance to spread out and find less-crowded spaces during their lunch break. 
Slater A+B, which are two areas in the rear of Slater Auditorium, have always been open as a place for students to eat. That will continue. In addition, we are now opening up both levels of the Atrium for students, providing them with additional options on where to eat and spread out. And, finally, students will be able to eat in the hallways of the building they are in during their lunch channel. We continue to work with our food service partner to explore other creative solutions to this challenge. In the meantime, this extra space is an important first step.
Busses and School Operations
We know that our partner districts are having challenging times with daily bus routes. It’s not unusual for some drivers to make double runs and for students to be tardy due to bussing issues. While this has not – yet – had a direct impact on us, it certainly can (and likely will).
Therefore, please be aware that should any of our partner districts cancel school due to bussing issues, NFA will remain open and operate as normal. Students in the impacted districts can find their own transportation to campus or participate with online assignments in Google classroom. Should this happen, students who cannot get to campus will receive an excused absence, but it will not count against the minimum attendance requirement.  
As a reminder, masks are required at all times – except when eating and when outside. Please make sure your child is coming to school each day with a mask that fits properly.
Sick? Stay Home!
Students feeling sick and with any COVID symptoms should not be attending school, nor should students who may be awaiting the results of a PCR test. 
I will continue to share information as it develops.
Dr. Brian M. Kelly
Head of School/Superintendent