10th Grade

Welcome to your 10th grade at NFA!  We’re excited to work with you over the next three years as you explore your career and college possibilities.  We hope to provide you with opportunities to grow as a person, scholar, and future professional.  Below are some additional resources to help you navigate your sophomore year here at NFA.

10th grade students recently viewed this SSP Video in their Connections class and had group meetings with their counselor. 

Study Skills / Organization

We recognize how overwhelming high school can be.  Part of decreasing stress and feeling more in control is having the skill to organize your time and effort.  To start improving your organizational skills, here is a link to give you tips for organizing your school work.

Tips on organizing school work, click here.

Social Emotional Support

Even the people who appear to have it all together have moments they struggle too.  We all need support and time for self care.  Here are some resources available to help.

If you find you are need of additional social and emotional support, there are resources available here at NFA and in the community.

Community resources:

  • Community Counselor
  • Therapist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Doctor
  • 211

School resources:

  • Your School Counselor (Tyler Burley, Margaret Daley, AnneMarie Larkin, Dana Merise, Rosalie Nogiec)
  • Social Worker (Kari Howard)
  • School Psychologist (Arkka Kalwara)
  • SBHC

Additional tips for selfcare, click here