College Credit @ NFA

See the NFA Course Catalog for more information. Credit is not automatic. You must complete a registration form for each college program.
College Credit Options:
  • Three Rivers Community College Career Pathways - See your counselor now to sign up. There is no cost for this program.
  • Eastern Connecticut State University Dual Enrollment Program - You must complete Eastern Connecticut State University’s registration form and return it with the appropriate fee to the NFA Guidance Office.
  • University of Connecticut’s Early College Experience - UConn ECE registration information will be available for NFA students in the spring. It will include directions on how to sign up for credit. Students must follow all steps to enroll and register online with UConn. UConn will bill you directly for the fee. Go to for all forms and directions.
  • Advanced Placement Courses (AP): Students will register and pay to take AP test(s) in the fall; rests will be given in May. AP scores from tests taken in the senior year can be reported to the college that you select in May of your senior year.