Update Contact Info

To view or update your HOUSEHOLD ADDRESS and CONTACT INFORMATION or update your CELLPHONE TEXT PREFERENCES, take a moment to review these instructions before logging into PowerSchool through the link on the bottom of this page.

Update Household Information

Step 1: Go to Forms by clicking the ‘Forms’ item in the left navigation menu.

Step 2: Select Student Household Information on Record form.

Step 3: Enter changes to any information.

Note: A change of town requires direct contact with the NFA Registrar’s Office (860) 425-5605

Step 4: Click the SUBMIT button (lower right hand corner) to send the change to NFA House personnel for review

When your change has been submitted, the screen will turn and remain yellow until the change has been approved.

Update Cellphone Information for Text Alerts

School Messenger, NFA’s automated notification system, syncs information with PowerSchool. If your Primary Household phone number is a cell phone that is SMS capable (text message), you automatically receive a request to enroll. If you accept, you will receive text messages when automated phone calls are made by the system. Your preferences will be saved from year to year as long as your Primary Household phone number remains the same.

If you did not opt into the program, you may do so at any time by following these steps:

  • Send a text message to 675-87
  • Type: Help
  • Send the 'help' message.
  • You will receive a response
  • Type: Y for “Yes”
  • Send the 'Y' message.

See the image below for an example

If you have a phone number change or if there is a brand new cell phone number, update your information in PowerSchool by following the directions in the first drop down box (Update Household Info) on the Update Contact Page.

Click on PowerSchool logo to log in.